Pinned 5 Steps to Start a RP Game / Start eines Rollenspiels

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    • 5 Steps to Start a RP Game / Start eines Rollenspiels

      Here is a little breakdown on how to go about starting a roleplaying match with the help of the Community Management (in EN and DE)...

      The required 5 steps to start a dedicated RP match are as follows:
      1) Registration of the RP group with one of the CMs (community managers - best via discord)
      2) Presentation of the dedicated RP player list (folks who've committed to play)
      3) Expansion of list via discord / forum in the corresponding RP threads (not a must have but often needed)
      4) Selection of fitting map size (we do not host all maps as RP and it is absolutely dependent on the amount of players)
      5) Start of the agreed map by one of the CMs

      Der Ablauf fuer Rollenspiel-Matches ist folgendermassen:
      1) Registrierung der RP Gruppe bei einem der CMs am besten via Discord
      2) Vorlage der RP Spielerliste (man muss also vorab schon eine Gruppe zusammentrommeln)
      3) Erweiterung der Liste mittels der bestehenden RP Gemeischaft (zb. Discord)
      4) Auswahl der Kartengroesse (haengt absolut von der Gruppengroesse ab)
      5) Start der Karte durch die CMs

      The usual RP rules apply of course. Players should remain in "character/nation" and not disrupt gameplay in any way.
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