Resistance fighters

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    • Resistance fighters

      Hi everybody
      I have been thinking about this Suggest for a month, After the occupation of cities and the destruction of infantry We can't fight, Why don't we take another chance to free our Homeland?, We will need to remove Insurgents from this event.

      How this will work:
      Will be Intelligence Mission After the occupation of Homeland cities and before Annexed, Can be create any Number of resistance fighter in one city, After resistance fighter appearing in the city they fight the occupying forces, After the liberation of all cities, all the resistance forces disappear to be civilian again.

      • Requirements:
        • Occupied City (Homeland cities Only)
      • Costs:
        • Same resources for infantry
        • Secret Agent in Occupied City
        • Money for this Mission
      • Combat Properties Hit Points:
        • Same as infantry

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    • Double zero wrote:

      Once in. Flashpoint, I got housed and ran. The coalition I was passing thru was cool and let me go on, and I eventually helped them wipe out an enemy, one of their players dropped out, and I managed to recapture my homeland cities and get a team win with them.
      I'm talking about update to add more fun in the game, If you play alone and your cities are occupied and your army is destroyed, But you have the money and resources to try to free your land, A scenario similar to (Partisan) in Eastern European countries and (Free French Forces) in France in time WWII
    • The main concern is this would make conquering a country ever more tedious. I do see potential though.

      Here' s what I my proposal.
      We could eliminate computer controlled insurgents, and could instead have player controlled resistance fighters. After your nation is overrun, you still have some cash in the bank, usually. I often times use this to create havoc with spies. The proposal being that players could send spies to their homeland cities that decrease moral. Now, with moral being under 35%, instead of insurgents spawning, resistence fighters would. They would have similar stats to infantry and would be player controlled. Foreign governments can fund the resistance movement in the country. This will give the dead player more money to spend on spies. This will allow it to be a fight against time. Once the dead player is out of money, they can't invest in spies and the resistence movement dies. Foreign governments can keep it alive through funding, but even they will grow tired. The idea is to let the player have the opportunity to take back control and allow foreign governments to destabilize their enemies. It's just like insurgents. Only player controlled. Once resistance fighters take back the city, the dead player can try to rebuild their nation.

      This will make it no more difficult to occupy a country and will allow players to have a roll in the game even after death.
    • I know it has been a while since this discussion started, but yes, it'd be interesting as a new scenario.
      And i have another addition too, since the conquered country is trying to rebuild itself from scratch, why not allow to change its doctrine?
      Like in the real world, during the last period of the colonial era, nations revolted against their colonisers, and after establishing their governments, they chose which doctrine to side with. I'd like to hear more opinions about it.