Maasege to gold players nr 2

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  • Maasege to gold players nr 2

    I did before message for gold players , that is not worth it to spend money on this game, because you will get mass attacks. And can be that this organizes from the game to get more money from you.
    Sombody say if you are smart you dont need spend money. You can be smart enough but you will be not survive if you attacking few players.
    Mostly the few players are not smart , feeling weak and that is whay the come toghether in one team and together attacking one player.
    All the time playing and spend money just for suvive it is not woth it. One game i played for survive , but is is happened so that i won the game. :rolleyes:
    Second game just start playing and again the same bizarre situation....on this way to play it is not interesting to play and it is not wart it to spend money.

    P.S. The first message and this one is for gold players, but not for those who are weak and are afraid of gold players.
    The first one message have closed, can be that dont want that the massege would read gold players.

    "First the ignore you, then the laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"
    'Mahatma Gandhi