troops disappearing

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  • if you atacked by anything doesnt matter what it find in report ( or con news ) if play speed sometime not have notice or be later by stuck time between game report it .. by lag or its so old that you dont find it ...
  • how i say you play speed map or normal you have quick internet and strong PC ? still is posible that both make lag and not have report .. and about report sometime when atack by patrol is fight with more unit and just report from one

    but yes problem is not your side just how game mechanismus work
  • how i say speed or normal map on speed its game not play fair

    like now 5 minut back i strike with oficier level II dmg versus build 2 and 4 air superiority naval airfracft dmg versusr build 0

    so + 20% ATK bonus per oficier together versusu Build 2,4 in one strike i take 5 from enemy airfield 3 HP from armor base and im sure that he have there bunker ... (by spy ) so 8 HP from build down count with bunker 50% .. about dmg 14 versus build how is POSIBLE

    so expail me anybody how this posible ? no nobody its speed game ... there nothing go by rules doesnt matter about your net your PC hardware i have many time rollback on notice 2 hours ... i many time see how my anti air defence not work with radius 100 KM ... 2x time

    and did you know anwer from dev evrything is normal ... :thumbsup: so from my experience speed is not strategy game .. its only about activity and gold monkey player so if you have problem on speed trust me .. problem is lag ... not on your side .. specialy when start dorado event so many unit so many issues ... so many missed notice :saint:

    that is reason why hate speed game and for dev its not hate for you its how game function ...

    pro freyeda czech language

    proste kdyz se hold snazite pustit moc map tak se vam hra sere a nefunguje jak ma zvlaste speed mapy .. a ano pak nefunguje to co ma i kdyz vesele tvrdite ze je vsechno ok

    nebo mi vysvetli jak jsem jednotkou s utokem na budovy 2,4 dosahl poskozeni budov 8 skoro
  • yepp if you have the feeling that your units are disapearing, write a ticket.

    Andilek: Damage against buildungs is calculated against every building separately.

    initial question was answered.
    That was not me, that was already broken!