games not loading (made my own thread)

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  • games not loading (made my own thread)

    able to play in all my games about seven hours ago, then one game said it had been improved click to reload; since then unable to access games 2896200, 2897800 or 2898196.

    Left it few hours, then cleared cache & cookies and no change. Username is gingereagle1969 (same as here)

    Still not loading getting on for 10 hours- is anyone going to respond & look into this please?

    Additional information: at least game 2896200 opened in firefox, where I haven't cleared cache & cookies, but nothing opens in chrome; can someone explain please?

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  • Sometimes there is more to it then just the cache. Some browser have other places some memory gets stored in until some time has passed or a hard reset of the machine has happened. Sometimes it happens that even after clearing the cache, the same problem occurs, this is why it worked during this moment on Firefox.

    Also not every player has to clear the cache, the game usually works without needing to do it, but once again it is the browsers that need this clearing to understand sometimes that changes has happened. And sometimes just that clearing is not enough for time, why, not many of us have figured this out yet. (As a fellow web-developer, i encounter this problem myself quite often).

    If the browser needs a cache clean depends on the browser a lot, and as we are not the developers of the browser, we can sometimes have hard to explain why some things occur, and some not. I hope this explain a little more on why it worked on Firefox, and not Chrome.
    Have a nice following day
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  • The ways of the browser are truly mysterious (even more than our own code ;).
    We work with browsers because that's how we reach the majority of our esteemed player base - but this doesn't mean we always know why/how/when browsers do stuff, or in this case: don't.
    Glad it worked out in the end.
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