please unban me

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  • please unban me

    I kindly ask you to unlock me in the game chat.
    For over a week he has been trying to contact the Team regarding ban I received in the game chat.
    My only offense is a discussion with a moderator in the discord chat.
    I didn't do anything wrong in the game chat, so if you think something has happened on discord, then you should ban me there.
    Could I know why I have a ban for chat games?

    I am currently top 1 on the map x4 speed. A week on such a map is really a lot.
    I can't create a coalition, it is virtually impossible without a coalition chat.
    I am quite an active player, during the week you can win or lose the map.
    I don't have any contact with anyone from support, they all just ignore me.
    I believe that this is an element of discrimination against Polish players. I'm doing too well so you want to get rid of me ...

    I kindly ask you to unban me in the game chat or give me the support e-mail address.
    After clicking the support button, it takes me to the game forum and I really don't know where to look for this address.
    Alternatively, please contact anyone on the support for priv.
    Don't leave players alone !!!
    If the player is punished for a very small offense for the first time and asks for unblocking, then it would be appropriate to go on his hand, right?
    I did not offend anyone, the only offense is - a discussion of an incorrectly imposed ban in a discord chat.
  • Once again, I am asking for an e-mail address for support or customer service.
    Where are the screenshots I've been asking for over a week?
    Why do you treat users like some children, ban for no reason and don't explain why?
    I want to talk to customer service, I believe that the terms of service have been broken.

    Dlaczego moje konto ma tracic na wartosci 'bo moderator tak chce'?
    Albo trzymamy jakies zasady wszyscy razem albo nikt!
    Gdzie jest info o powodzie blokady na czacie? Zaplacilem za czat premium i chcialbym wiedziec jaki jest powod ze go nie mam?
    Zdaje sobie sprawe z moich problemow psychicznych i bardzo uwazalem na to zeby nic zlego nie napisac na czacie gry.
    Gdzie sa logi z gry? Jak moge sie skontaktowac z customer service?
    Jaki jest powod przyznania mi bana na stale i jak moge sie od tego odwolac?

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  • Hi @ImmortanJoePL,

    I have been following up on your case, your chat ban happened because you weren't listening to what our moderators were saying. Unfortunately you do pepper in some lies here and there, such as that our mods never told you reason of ban etc. etc.

    Your case is a long one, I'm going to reach out to you in Private message on Forum. I ask you though, to stop spamming our Social channels about this (as the mods kindfully did, a number of times)
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