how to use web account in steam game app?

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    • how to use web account in steam game app?

      I've been playing CoN for a few months now using Chrome and I just discovered there's a game app downloadable from Steam. So I tried that and for some reason, the game loads with a new account (that I didn't create). I assume it created a new CoN account from my Steam account.

      How can change the CoN account used in the game app from Steam and use the same account I've been using for months in Chrome?

      I know, I don't want to play games with 2 accounts... I just want to use the same account that I've been using in Chrome and start using it in the game app.

      In the Chrome version of the game, there's a button to log out. When you come back, you need to login again. But in the game app, the same button is actually a "disconnect" which terminates the game app. When I reopen the game, it logs me in automatically using the wrong account.
      From the settings, I tried deleting the new account (from the game app) but it appears I don't have the password (tried evereything I can think of).
      I also followed the instruction to clear the game app cache.

      Any help would be appreciated.