Feedback to the Cyber black map and suggested changes

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    • Feedback to the Cyber black map and suggested changes

      so uhm about the cyber black/ the new rising tides map i've come to notice some issues it has
      - the airfield/field hospital are completly useless because they will either be destroyed upon capturing or through bombardment
      - same as the zombie mode people do not seem to grasp that this is some "special" gamemode
      - a realtivly low requirement of vp for a solowin (3150 which means you only need three victory sites and paired with the previous point this can make for some very quick rounds, i won mine on day 11)
      - 3/5 of the victory sites are really close to the american continent compared to the others

      What do i suggest?
      - at least link the wiki page describing the zombie/rising tides map in the game info panel
      - move the african victory site more towards africa (maybe position it in central africa and give some player country control of it)
      - in general give control of the victory site to a player so he can at least make use of the airfield/field hospital; this would also make ppl defend these sites more as they see it as their property
      - raise the vp required for a solowin by a bit ( like 100 or 200) so you have to do a little bit more fighting on land to claim a solo win

      edit: somehow there seems to be an issue with uploading pictures so i just posted the link instead
      I am the basline for opinions