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      + + + + DEV DIARY: ENTRY 15 + + + +
      Able Archer 10 Player - Elite Alliance Challenge Map
      In case you never heard of it; Able Archer is a what-if scenario depicting the high risk of a nuclear devastation breaking out during the cold war. Due to the very strong emphasis of cooperation required from players on such a scenario, we have limited this map to closed events. Until now.
      Such a scenario perfectly lends itself the context of Elite Alliance Challenges; an environment where team play is massively emphasized and rewarded. At the moment Dorado are working on a Able Archer for Elite Alliance Challenges. We've reduced the maximum player count to 10 (as opposed to the 24 of the old) to ensure that consistency among players and activity is more likely. Nations have been grouped to compensate for the aforementioned change, so for example one player belonging to the Warsaw Pact team can take control of the Central Forces Nations, which consist of: Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria.

      Mobile Performance
      With Mobile well underway and internal milestones achieved, now is a good time to update you on progress of the app.
      Keeping in mind that the mobile app will be released for Android and iOS, naturally the game will perform differently among a wide variety of devices and specifications, especially for Android. Of course a very high priority is to ensure that the game performs well and efficiently in all aspects without hogging too many resources or bandwidth.
      The Web version of CoN caches (stores) the map background the first time it is downloaded, on a per-map basis. In the case of Mobile, we are trying to eliminate the need to download a map background as much as possible, and introducing procedures which will be rendering map information real-time.
      This means that you should have better loading times, and less download bandwidth costs Since the map information is data which is dynamically processed, there is less download bandwidth incurred. With all this being said we are still internally testing as we go along, and optimizations are constantly being made to provide you with the best experience possible.

      Mute Function
      We've all come across them, the keyboard warriors who command their chatboxes more than they do their army. Dorado have heard the cries of community members; recruits and veterans-alike requesting us to introduce a way or method to mute someone. This means; messages sent through the messaging tab under the diplomacy panel, by the muted player, will be obscured from your view, with the aim of bringing you peace of mind next time you log on allowing you to focus on global domination. We plan to expand this beyond only-messages, this will come at a later date and updated in iterative fashion.
      Many of you will be happy to know that it is under development without an official release date (WIP). None the less, we ask players to keep it civil. We all have off-days, but it doesn't excuse bad behavior. Besides, why risk getting banned and making matters worse in the game you've invested precious time?

      Concluding Remarks
      Stay tuned for our update planned this week, we are going to make resource cost adjustments to select units, tweaking the meta and bringing them in line with other costs. We will also be giving attention to Special Forces and Elite Helicopter.
      In the meantime, grab yourself a mince pie, load up a game, and lead your nation! As always, keep in mind that Developer Diaries are giving insights on aspects which are always subject to change.
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

    • Dealer of Death wrote:

      Germanico wrote:

      Anyone above age 15 will welcome this feature I presume...
      Just curious, ... is there a big problem with people pestering other people? I haven't experienced anything like that. In fact, I've had more the reverse ... no one wants to talk. What? do I smell bad? Do my ears stick out funny?
      oh yes big time, I get cursed out all time time xD
    • Talking about Mobile Performance...and data volume. It is good if you cache information. And cache a lot on the phone (unit grafics, descriptions etc.) only transferring Deltas of resources and army movements.

      I would even be happy, if you implement something like downloading the whole geografie of the map (terrain etc.) while the mobile is connected with the WIFI.

      At the moment I have the impression that as soon as I close the browser and open the game again - the game is sucking all the information from point 0. Is to say Adam and Eve.
      Meaning I only observe the volume counter when I use a hotspot on my mobile phone.
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.