What is an easy way to join units?

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    • What is an easy way to join units?

      Is there a simple way to join units? I see there's a split button, why isn't there a "join" button or an icon that shows they'll join if you move the cursor over another unit? I've played a lot of strategy games like this before, and there's always been a simple means of uniting forces. But this game no such luck that I can find. I try moving my units to the same position, but I can't even tell if they are in the same position as the screen doesn't even zoom in enough to make a distinction, and the movement time of a billionth of an inch is roughly an hour so I'll give it a shot, wait an hour, come back and see whether or not it worked, try to slightly nudge the unit a little more, wait another hour, etc. Then sometimes I just randomly find units together I never joined.

      And when it comes to joining from land to sea or sea to land, Jesus Christ tack on hours of embarkation/disembarkation time for a single attempt.

      I imagine this answer might be really simple, and I've looked around and tried to find it but I can't.