How good are officers really?

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    • Buckeyechamp wrote:

      Ryan04px2025 wrote:

      Why is it not worth it to have infantry officer?
      To me having only in one stack cant do widespread damage. Navy officer in stacks can flip the battle fied across a wide area. But im not a ground stacker; I take out coastal cities with navy .. land troops cover by air and mow the lawn ahead of them.
      To me Naval officer worth weight in gold combines frigate/cruiser/sub (laucnch cms and sonar). Most other officers just getting a suped up version of unit imo
      SSSSHHHHHHHH, they'll nerf him if they hear that!
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    • Dealer of Death wrote:

      Ryan04px2025 wrote:

      Why is it not worth it to have infantry officer?
      I have never found him to be worth the total costs, when they could have gone towards producing other units, nor even the time it requires for research, Discounted tho the time is.
      Ever in need of capturing jungle or ice territory?...thats the worth of this little guy! He runs like Speedy gonzalas...I like to call mine Tarzan!
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    • Need to nerf Naval Officer...

      ... just kidding. It’s okay, he rocks. Given. I’d rather know why airborne officer is seen as a weak unit, cause he turns into a spec forces down the road.
      In regards to fixed wing we are changing his patrol to air sup only so that if you stack him with Air sups he will not start attacking ground. That should def help him.
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    • Actually the nerf of naval offcier is that you can heal him.

      All other oficers heal within a couple of days with a lvl 5 hospital. A damaged naval officer...practically never! You can even put more healthy untis in the stack for faster healing like with normal ships...

      @GermanicoWell I see absolut no field of action for the airborne officer...He cant do anything specially useful accept providing bonus for airborne infantry...which in the case is only deployed when my airforce has cleaned the area...

      Same with submarine officier...he cant fire ballistics at the beginning (and i dont see the point of pushing him there). always taken in account that I have only 2 research slots and more neccessary things so research.

      A submarine is good for stealth operations. But to be honest. when I have a navy I wanne make some damage. I go headon and bomb the cities and conquer stealth required here...So naturally I am no a big fan of submarines.
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    • Kalrakh wrote:

      Did they change it? Was sure Naval Officer gave speed bonus like all other units, submarine officer still does.

      Airborne can be used with towed or later with special forces in theory.

      Healing is the general weakness of ships. Submarines have healing advantage, but cost quite a lot rares.
      Airborne is definitely pretty strong for making special forces even more special.
    • I decided to wait until I had some more experience with officers before contributing to this thread, and from what I've seen, they can definitely be extremely useful. The most masterful uses of officers I've seen was a Rank 80 using mechanized under a field commander. That stack was an absolute beast. It destroyed everything that attacked it including a stack with AFVs. It only fell to a coastal artillery bombardment from my ships and a second attack on it with even heavier armor supported by my gunships, otherwise it would have even destroyed the heavy armor stack.