Game Length

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    • Small Maps like Flashpoint and Middle east usually like 20-30
      On the WW3 map its like 50-60
      Zombie games take the same time like WW3, if the zombies dont win within the first few days that is
      Rising tides/ Cyber black it can be really anything because with the victory points giving like 1000VP each you can win solo pretty fast
      I am The Baseline for opinions
    • My games :

      WW3 usually 45 - 60 days;

      Flashpoint 14 - 20 days;

      Mideast think won 2 games in 14 -16 days;

      Rising tide we won 3 man coalition in 28 days we had decent territory and had 4/5 victory sites most game then at day 25 made a run for last Vic site in russia to end but where a lot of big countries still in play not sure how they didnt see game could end as no one really made a run at our sites (islands) ... that siberia site was tough to get as was central america navy/Air primarily and only way in was a marine assualt after 3 day boat ride . guy had airstrips in every prov surronding so had to use spies stacked to destruct all airfields at time of assualt or never would have made it. but could see this game going long if sites volley back and forth.