Mobilizing vs Upgrading

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    • Mobilizing vs Upgrading

      Hello CON family,

      I've been playing several months now, and gotta say this game is a blast. I'm just curious for those of you that have been at it longer, which do you put more emphasis on? To me it would make sense to try and balance mobilizing new units and upgrading them or investing in arms production, but has anyone figured out a different way to approach it?

      For instance, I have a game running now as Egypt where I have just won a war against Iran that was started after he tried to take advantage of my thinned out forces that had been conquering Iraq. Now I'm looking at how good the economy is humming along but am thinking I should stop mobilization for a few days and focus on upgrading the units I currently have before I find my level 2 tank destroyers and gunships up against level 6 infantry and mobile AA.

      My arms industries are all built up to a respectable level, but investing in all three sources of resource spending is proving to be quite untenable.
    • Usually at least 1 research per day should be easily possible imo
      otherwise: depends on priority, do you need more units or do you need certain upgrades on some of them?

      Best example would probably be motorized infantry vs air units: Do getting them to lvl 3 for the airdefense should have priority over massproducing more lvl 1 inf
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    • In long run research will payoff. As long as have enough troops to take a handful of cities per day the advanced research helps out .. and that research applies to all units. so if I have 20 Inf units and get a 2 HP per unit bump with a research lvl completion. that is basically gaining me 2 more units just on HP alone plus what ever perks come with research.

      I try my best to keep up on rearch availble by day for the key 4 or 5 units I use.. to me better than research too many types of units.
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