ELO maps 14v32 players

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    • ELO maps 14v32 players

      We Bulgaria632AD had the honour to be chalenged by two very strong alliances . One map was 14 players the other is 32 . Victory points ELO should be higher on 32 map or is same as 14map ? I mean once we had to bring 4 players and next 10 players . It requeres higher player pool and is harder for average new established alliances to answer and collect somehow 10 fresh noobs from the street .
      So are ELO points same for small and large map 14v32 ,or we get double ?

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    • No matter how big the teams are. The Elo is not affected by it.

      Larger teams are more difficult to manage, thats true. But the opponent has the same problem and it would be unfair if the losing alliance lose more ELO although bigger teams are hard to manage. The winner wins the same ELO which the opponent loses.

      In general, the ELO system cannot be reformed, as far as I know. The ELO-system is a very old code and hard to program. As far as I know