Strategies against Stealth Air Supp - Stealth Strike Fighters

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    • Strategies against Stealth Air Supp - Stealth Strike Fighters

      Without building up your own fleet of Stealth fighters (which requires Airbase 5); what are best weapons / tactics to counter Stealth fighters?

      Thinking my best bet would be to build bigger fleet of advanced level normal Air supp and wait till attacks and then lock on to his return path. I normally switch to strike only but could go back to building Air supp and get going on research tree.

      Will any Anti air fire after /while they attack (just not before)? How long is Stealth fighters visible during combat? will my friggs fire at all even during attack? Is their anything that will fire on stealth strike fighters most likely?

      Ive never run into anyone had them before but appears my opponent that will face off soon is going this route as building Airbase 5 on day 16. and know he has strike fighters. heck at this point probably going to just try to get a Ballistic sub (which had just started missiles today) and take out his airbases via conventional BM?? can't think of any other better approach.
    • From my current evaluation, there are following options to counter stealth fighters:

      1. AA, especially SAMs. When upgraded, they can both detect enemies in sight range and will always do point defense damage, providing a very effective counter.
      2. Destroying the airbase. This can be done by both missiles and strikes or bombers.
      3. Contesting the airspace with the enemy aircraft using your own. This can be particularly effective with ASFs vs Stealth SFs, flying patrol over a stack with detection capability.
    • I just my extra cash from Suez cash refinery to stack some spies in there... Did 15 HP damaged and knocked him back to AB 4 so at least cheap way to buy a day ;) got that suggestion off blood and oil. Usually not big on spies until stack up enough to protect my cities but that coalition had already put spies all over even my occupied cities... basically like hitting city with a cruise missile.

      And on top of that just looked and will cost him like 1500 supp; 2000 comp; 500 rare; 1500 electronics to redo that build so Sabotage way to go on spies. in effect i just stole all that from him...well i didnt get it but thats thats a lot of resources to have to redo. if you do

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