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    • NIl's No-Frills Drills

      If you've been on the Forums lately, you've probably noticed me posting a lot about strategy, playstyle, nations that start at a bit of a disadvantage, etc. In turn, I've also recently noticed that some very skilled players will sometimes start brand new accounts so that they can start over tracking their statistics now that they feel more comfortable playing. I have too much stuff attached to my current account to start completely over on a new account (Moderator capabilities for one thing), so I have to keep my current/original. And,... I don't really care about having statistics that look good to other people when they check my profile (especially since it can't be the one I'm on most of the time anyway).

      BUT... I did have a bit of an idea that has piqued my interested a bit...

      I'm going to start a new account on which I only use random countries and don't take advantage of any perks at all. That description is inadequate and unclear, so I'll explain exactly what I plan to do:

      1) I'm going to use the "Choose a Random Nation" button for every game i join. Whatever I get, that's what I'm playing;

      2) I'm not going to have Security Council (this one hurts the worst; I am not someone who takes advantage of a lot of offered advantages, but I LOVE me some Fire Control and build/mobilization queuing);

      3) I'm not using ANY gold. None. Not a piece. I already played the tutorial, and it forces you to go through its steps, which include gold, but now that it is over, I will never use another piece on that account - not even the gold the game starts with and not the gold I eventually win from games ending. It will just accumulate and sit there, ...mocking me.

      4) I'm not going to use any seasonal units. Since I won't have SC on that account, I won't have permanent access to them anyway, but I'm still not going to use them even temporarily when I do earn them.

      5) I'm not going to use Officers. I went back and forth on this one, but here's where I eventually landed: Officers are unlocked based on account level, right? So they're not available to everyone all the time. Fine. If a new player can play without any Officers until they earn them, I can certainly play without any Officers on my "bare bones" account forever.

      Anyway, so I'm going to play that account ONLY under those conditions, and see what kind of wins/stats I can manage. Wish me luck! :/
    • 737373elj wrote:

      Well now you know how it’s like for non-sc members to play
      Oh, I remember. I played for a month or so (when I first found the game) before I joined SC.

      As for my current game, you don't want to join it now. It's in Day... 5. I might consider posting a future game number when I first join, but... I don't really want the people IN the game to know what I'm doing. If people in my games knew they had advantages I didn't have, they could exploit that certainty to some degree.
    • UPDATE!

      DISCLAIMER: You are perfectly welcome to think/comment any of the following without any expressed argument from me: 1) You could do it too; 2) You could do it better; 3) It’s not that hard; 4) It’s not me that did it; 5) Those other players must have been terrible; 6) It’s not true; 7) Who cares?

      I, however, know what happened and feel like I’ve taken the first step toward finding out what I wanted to find out when I started this experiment. Using the relatively strict parameters outlined above, I was able to succeed in what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment since I started playing.

      Nigeria was randomly selected as my country. By early on Day 2, the three player countries surrounding me (Mali, Cameroon, and Chad) were in a coalition together and were simultaneously attacking me in an obviously coordinated effort (pictured). Without using any of the perks excluded by the self-imposed rules of my experiment, I was able to successfully defend against all three attackers, and, by Day 6 have single-handedly defeated them to the point that they had each apparently abandoned the game without realistic hope of return. At this point (beginning of Day 6), I also sit at the top of the leaderboard (pictured). I have coalition mates, but not one of them declared war on or engaged in combat with a single one of my three enemies (they were each involved in their own conflicts, and I think they thought I was going to die anyway).

      This specific situation has been a wonderful indication for me of exactly where my early game defensive skills currently stand without the benefit of some of the luxuries to which we often become accustomed when playing on our main accounts. If you’re curious at all what kind of player you would be if you stripped away all of the perks, as well as preference of nation, I encourage you to give this experiment a try. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have.
    • Ahhh, see, for me, no SC makes a huge difference. I absolutely adore build/mobilization queuing and fire control. Random nation selection is not far from what I was already doing by purposely choosing challenging/unpopular countries to play. So, we're kind of opposites there. If you do it, I'll be interested to hear how your experience differs. So far, my restrictions have not hampered my in-game success much, but I'm still in the "early game" stages, and I'm an "early game" player by nature. I'm wondering if having to adapt to a random nation will cause you to be uncomfortable with your early game.

      Also, in the first two randoms I started, I got Germany (Flashpoint) and Turkey (WWIII), two relatively strong nations. This may have allowed me a more positive attitude going into the Nigeria game.

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