I Miiiiiiiiiiiight... Be a Selfish, Disloyal Jerkface.

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    • I Miiiiiiiiiiiight... Be a Selfish, Disloyal Jerkface.

      I'm all for teamwork. I try to contribute to it when I can; I encourage it; and I believe in it.

      BUT... I mean, sometimes a teammate is just "gone", right? I feel like I see a lot of players throwiing their good troops away over a teammate's lost cause. I mean, it makes sense to help a teammate recover... until it doesn't anymore. I was playing in a game today in which I took all six of a certain country's cities. I sent a message promising temporary peace for the other members of the coalition, who were facing a formidable advancing army from the other direction. STILL, one of the coalition mates tried to retake the defeated country's territories/cities.

      They were unsuccessful, lost all of the units they sent, recaptured (and relost) only one city, and then lost all of their own cities in response. In the meantime, their coalition (which now consisted of only three intact countries) got mauled by the advancing army from the other direction that I had previously suggested to them they focus on instead of trying to retake land in a dead country.

      My biggest problem with this isn't just that they didn't do what I would do (and what I suggested to them), but that I'm not even sure what they thought could possibly happen if they had been successful. The dead coalition mate had NO cities or buildings left. Even if they did retake all six (they only got one, which they quickly relost), what good was that going to do anyone? Were they going to continue to protect that country for a month while it helplessly worked on slowly recovering?

      I have to tell you, if you're my teammate, and someone gets lucky and sneaks in to take 1/3 of your cities; I'll absolutely come to help you take them back (if you need). If someone takes 5 of your 7 cities or whatever by legitimate force, man,... sorry about your luck. It was nice having you on the team, but I'll see you next time. I have to go get ready to defend myself. :whistling: :whistling: :whistling:
    • Well as so often... ... it depends...

      If i´m on a public, joining a random coalition and a mate got mauled, I of course try helping him.
      But at some point you have to cut a limb to save the body.
      (normally you dont feast on the cutaway limb, but thats another story ^^)

      On a Public with Mates of my Aliace, loyality is of course the highest good.
      I´m pretty sure every member woud sacrifice huge amounts of troops so safe his mate.
      That was not me, that was already broken!
    • Fereyd wrote:

      yes indeed. :)

      On the other hand, this relationship works in both ways,...
      screw your buddies in a game, they might screw you in the Alliance ;)
      And that's fair, but recognizing that a teammate is essentially out of the game isn't necessarily "screwing" them. Again, I'm not saying that I don't help, but there are some players who don't seem to recognize when their friend is just done.

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    • Just had same on current map. Day 10 my ally had bigger force than me .... didnt do squat then came up with great ideas trying to invade chosen infested Ireland and greece instead of going after france like i told him too. Like he was afraid to fight a real person. needless to say 5 chosen outposts that had been cranking units wiped out his invasion..... fast fwd to day 20 Im deep into war with India and he is down to like 10 units all sucked into eastern europe caliphed area. gets jumped by austria and germany whom I warned him about for past 5 days.... Then calls for help.

      Thanks a no go Bravo.....you havnt listened to simple directions doesnt mean im going to bail you out. now if ally listned and tried the right things then id help. I even got Germ/Aust to stop attacking him as told them wont jump in if you wont go any further. they both offered spain peace and he didnt take it.