notes on last tank updates

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    • notes on last tank updates

      1- I appreciate last game update making research cheaper for mbts but making building them cheaper is another story.
      mbts usually out perform afvs but they are less mobile (speed and and late airlift) and was more expensive.
      Now they are somewhat comparable in cost and mbts is a much better choice so ..
      I think yes to the research reduction and no to the build cost reduction

      2- why does tank research change cost (without changing tier).
      Tanks research line is hmf not the best now this is another point to discourage tank upgrades
      Usually I change tier when I have good amount of units from the previous tier.. now upgrading tanks doesn't seem to be the best idea.

      I mean mbts tier 2 are lvl 4
      I'd keep building mbts/afvs at lvl 1 ,2,3 and upgrade them.
      Now I can't I ahve to build all the tanks at tier1 which is very discouraging.

      I think last mbt cost reduction gives a huge nerf to afvs being in many cases inferior .
      In the past I thought of mbts to be defensive choice (on open grounds) and afvs to be the aggressive one now I can go mbts all the way regardless of the 25% city modifier
    • It’s definitely more realistic. As to the change in MBTs, they represent a terrain specific middle point between AFVs and TDs. As such, in order to make them considerably more viable, they received that buff. It is intended for tanks to destroy AFVs and TDs with ease on open ground while the inverse is true in closed terrain. This simply balances and equalizes the three classes in viability.