Opinion: Disadvantaged European Country

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    • Opinion: Disadvantaged European Country


      As some of you may know, "countries that start at a disadvantage" are an area of interest for me. Europe is probably the area of the CoN map with which I am least familiar/experienced. Because of its player popularity and geopolitical concentration/density, it's just my personal least favorite area. So, I'm relying on your opinions/experience to suggest to me which country/countries in Europe start out a little lacking compared to the rest. I've heard people have struggled with Italy before, so I tried it and enjoyed it. So, for the purposes of this question, let's exclude Italy as an option. Just off the top of my head and based on my own impressions, I'm thinking maybe Austria, Spain, Serbia, Greece, Sweden, UK? What do you think? Feel free to name just one that you think really starts out behind the eight ball or give me a list if you like (you can even rank them).
    • Idk i'd say the only one in a really tough spot is austria because it has already 3 major european countries as neighbours while itself only has 5 cities

      Spain depends on the map; if there no Portugal like in WW3 the mountains towards france can make a nice early defense

      tho that being said just having a ton of neighbours in general tends to put you at a disadvantage if you dont wanna rely on diplomacy
      I am the basline for opinions
    • I’ve only ever played Serbia, on my first game, and I will say, yes, it’s incredibly difficult to win playing it. The only way I ever got to the last day was a smart alliance with Croatia, who was relatively experienced and helped protect my western flank, leaving me available to protect my east. Followed that by a truce with the US, whose coalition was eating up the entire map (and accidentally betraying Croatia that way)
    • i never play with Europe countries; but what Ive seen in my games France ends up doing the best more than others. Whoever comes out of Scandanavia usually does ok. Eastern Europe forget about that mes of Austria; Croatia; Serbia; bulgaria; romania... ends up being a free for all most games .. plus all mtns and cities right on top of each other. Belarus tough between poland...russia.. ukraine. Poland shouldnt be that bad.
    • Based on location I rank worst/ starting cities ; etc.


      1. Austria - Landlocked with Germany/Poland to north and like 3 others around to south. Mtns cant move troops.
      2. Hungary - about same
      3. Serbia
      4. Belarus - Russia ; Baltic; Poland; Ukraine surround (maybe 1 navy or land lock)
      5. Bulgaria
      6. Greece - even if move north ... a lot of exposure in middle of med
      7. Italy - Big start on resources... but wide open on 3 sides .... if head north to Austria / slow conquest and leave expose. like a bad island nation.
      8. Sweden .. between Finland and Norway - long haul to rest of map if survive
    • I would definitely rank Italy as among the absolute worst nations in Europe; it gets steamrolled in all the games I see. I actually played Austria and had a pretty good time with it; most of the challenge of these nations is diplomacy. Regardless, literally every Balkan country is inordinately challenging to play, as well as Scandinavia, Austria, and Spain and the Eastern European nations. Essentially, I’d say Europe is probably the worst continent to play without diplomacy if going for a rapid offensive start, otherwise diplomacy and/or a good initial defense will set you up nicely for later success.
    • 737373elj wrote:

      Flashpoint Europe is ok; tons of easy beginners who just rush (can handle easily if you stay at home) WW1 generals (as everybody says: the favourite targets) and the people who are all too willing to make alliances (I’m very diplomatic ;) ). WW3 Europe? Waaay to much for me. I prefer a slow start and WW3 Europe just doesn’t provide that.
      idk you just gotta be lucky
      or agressive
      like the ww3 i joined rn im sweden and finland and norway were inactive so free eco :D
      I am the basline for opinions