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      + + + + DEV DIARY: ENTRY 17 + + + +

      In recent months the team have dedicated a lot of time to restructure the inner workings and foundations for the previously announced application, of which will make the game run more efficiently on a wide range of devices. In case you missed it: Conflict of Nations will have a dedicated client which we have developed for Mobile devices, this will allow you to tap the wonderful CoN icon in your application list and presto! You're ingame.

      We're all very excited to update you on the ongoing progress and work done, so without further ado, let's get to it.

      Mobile Platforms & Release schedule
      This needs to be clear: The CoN Application will be available for both Android and Apple iOS.
      That will include the wide variety and range of devices which run these operating systems, tablets and Chromebooks included. With this being said, there will be different release dates for early access. At this point you're probably asking, "What is early access?"

      Early access will be a post-beta version of the game, which will still require refinements and implementations until the official Full release which is planned some months after. Early access will be an open launch in some select countries. More information will follow when the time comes. This approach is being taken so that we can iteratively analyse the market data and catch gameplay issues early before giving access to all players. The Early Access dates for Android and iOS will be different from each other, with Android planned to be first. This is due to the long review procedures Apple have for applications.

      If you missed the Early Access phase you will have the opportunity to apply for the Preregistration on both platforms. This will allow us to keep you up to date when official launch day is here!

      Visuals & User Experience
      Playing a strategy game on mobile devices versus browser requires many systems to be overhauled - no less the User Interface & User Experience. It might not come as a surprise to you, but we've adopted an approach which is symbol heavy, avoiding clutter as much as we possibly can. Zooming in and out will simplify the Unit icons so that you can navigate the map with efficiency, and tapping on a unit or province/city will bring up a dial giving you the available actions. Speaking of efficiency, the game is using a new renderer which gives us flexibility in the graphical portion of the game. An example of utilizing the renderer can be seen in the dynamic sea shader, and our approach to placement of terrain graphics as well as efficiency-of.

      Current state of the Application

      Now, you're probably saying that this is all well and good but when is the app finished? As mentioned in the first point, we are soon going to slowly start our internal testing phase and ironing out any critical blockers (aka, issues which block game playability). At the moment there are core game mechanics which still require further development and much work to be done, we are not in the polishing phase but it is on the horizon. You might be asking why is this taking so long; and the reason is simple - we wanted to make sure this is done right, and to do so, we needed to refactor many, many areas of code.

      Your support has been invaluable to us, and we're excited to get the ball rolling soon, very soon.

      Click here to watch the official Demo video!

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      Conflict Of Nations

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