Resources and Arms Industries

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    • Resources and Arms Industries

      In another thread, the topic of whether or not to build and upgrade Arms Industries came up. It made me curious as to how many resources people are producing normally.

      Below I've attached a screen shot of a game I just finished earlier today. The totals/stockpile kept accumulating after the game ended, so disregard the number of available resources, but the number of each resource produced per hour is the same as when the game ended.

      Now, I'm an economy/infrastructure guy, so I build a lot of Arms Industries and I upgrade them a lot. It's my understanding, though, that a lot of people don't. I'm curious how our production rates compare. What do/would yours look like on Day 46? In the photograph are mine for Israel at the beginning of Day 46.

      NOTE: **I** don't intend this as a contest or an implication that one way is better or worse than another. I'm just genuinely curious about how different people are managing their games differently. To me, any strategy that wins games is a good strategy.Screenshot 2020-03-19 at 12.02.41 AM.jpg
    • *reserving this post for my Israel game once it’s over*

      I generally don’t upgrade my arms industries as I find that they are too expensive Past lv. 1 and I generally don’t need more resources outside early-game. One is enough in my home land cities / annexed cities, the rest I can handle with constant expansion. In games where I have resource problems late-game, it was either electronics or rares. However, I usually recover quickly as the lack of materials are almost always due to overproduction anyways.
      My supplies and components production are usually 200+ end-game, 50+ for the rest.
    • Day 32: lvl1 industry and only 6 homeland cities: keep in mind i have 135 units so my up keep sucks out per hr ). how many units you have?

      supplies :561 per hr
      comp: 382 per hr
      gas: 230 per hr
      Elect: 256 per hr
      rare: 217 per hr
      troops : 622 hr
      $$: 4,844 per hr ... lol

      have about 1700 vp's

      day 46 my game will be 10 days past done:

      so looks like 14 days early than you and have everything greater except components but i have stock pile of 15k components... as switched to misiles and no need to build any more heavy component units as have full navy and armor useless at this point.

      proof in pudding out resourced you without building any industry.. reson I built was to build stuff not get resources
      • rss.jpg

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    • now getting to point will annex cities .. just because... dont need them but have to spend RSS on something as fuly reserche and built on everything.

      last game i realized at this point could get mad "experience rank pts" but just building unnecessary Army bases in my 130 occupied cities; serves no game purpose but this game rewards that building. sadly same as me actually killing 100 live units ;( but thats another story
    • i could quit tommorow and have that game one if wanted (now have to wait for my coalition to scrape 800 more points).. but point of your competition non competition was resources. I how did I have more day 32 with lvle 1 industry in all cities. kind of prove level 4 -5 industry doesnt really pay off no?? if game continues another 14 days Ill have 30 - 40 pct highre resources as almost equal 12 days behind.
    • Lol, quitting at the end to take the win when all of your coalition mates are in the Top 5 and there's no other coalition in sight is not really the same.

      How did you have more resource, you ask? I guess because you're Annexing cities (and you started out with more homeland cites that probably produce better). I understand that you said that you're not Annexing cities to produce resources, but they're doing that nonetheless.

      As I said, I wasn't really asking for the sake of competition for who creates the most resources. I asked because I'm trying to figure out how you guys are producing resources if you're not building/leveling up Arms Industries. It sounds to me like your answer is, "Well, I'm Annexing cities."

      Or maybe I'm getting that wrong. If its not that, how ARE you producing more resources?
    • have zero annex cities .. have 6 homeland lvl 1 cities and what i guess 124 other occupied cities... reason .. most likely i captured those other occupied cities much early than you so no wthey are producing at higher rates due to weeks of growing morale and resources. ill give you screen shots of my cities and you see. either way we have same resources .. and me 14 days before you with no > lvl 1 industry
      • rss 1png.jpg

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    • and didnt even mention the cumalitive effect. s0 now my day 32 just cal it equal to your day 46 on hourly production. so that mans every day leading you was most likely more resources. plus all those resources i didnt spend on 5 builds x 6 cities I build 30 good units to help in my conquest

      and not to get you angrier but have legit I have people not understand how i am producing so much units. its game math/mechanics and saying I have to be spending gold. Canada my allie "wasted" lis resources annexing 8 - 10 cities and building lvl 5 rss in cities. and i have his economy smoked with my base 6... its just getting occuppied cities early in game... thats the answer... after day 14 im not dying for any resource.

      Im not buying nukes; 20 heavy bombers day 5 ... etc... doing it with vanilla as shit troops.
    • I'm not getting mad that you were producing more resouces (first of all, we don't even know that because of maintenance costs); I'm just not able to have the conversation with you if you're going to make it into "I BEAT YOU!" and refuse to acknowledge differences in our circumstances. You want to legitimately say you ended up in a better position than I did in that game? Great, go play Israel on 4x and get a solo win without a bunch of coalition support, and then I'll be happy to be like, "Man, you were right. I can clearly see how your method is better." But when you're playing Argentina in a 1x game and your coalition owns the top five spots with no other coalition in sight,... sorry, I don't think it's an equal comparison for production to a 4x Israeli solo win with no ex coalition mates on the top of the leaderboard.

      In fact, tell me what 4x game you're going to do that in, and I'll join it too! I'd like to learn from the master!

      I think you did a great job, and I'm sure you're a great player. I'm not trying to take any of that away from you. I'm just saying that I think it's a little dicey to say "HAHAHHAAHAHAHAA! I DID IT BETTER!" Under circumstances that aren't even close to the same. You did great, and MAYBE better than me, but I don't think this comparison definitively proves that.

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    • As for your explanation for how you're doing it, I understand what you're saying. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying, "Well, I'm taking over a ton of cities early, and so, after some time passes, their morale has increased and they produce a lot." Okay, and that make sense, but I don't really know what that means in terms of real numbers. Like how many cities and how early? Are you taking over 20 new cities in the first two days? Five in the first two days? What pace of conquest are we talking about that's giving you these results?

      And, since you seem so hostile, this isn't some kind of hostile challenging of your method. I'd ask the same thing of someone who said, "I build a lot of Local Industries and upgrade them early." Okay, like how many are you building and upgrading and how early? Are we talking 15 Local Industries leveled up to 3 in the first 5 days, or are we talking six Local Industries leveled up to three by Day 10?
    • point being had more resources faster with different strategy . wasn't what you where asking? if not you where just trying to prove how much you had. its not having a conversion but showing empirical evidence that a strategy opposite than yours produced more resources. that was purpose of post no?? if i did nothing else from this point forward and sat here for 14 more days would dwarf those outputs.. just facts.

      And im that one that brought up maint costs .. I told you i had 136 units and would bet you had less ... and my maint coast higher. so what was the point of your post?
    • PerigeeNil wrote:

      As for your explanation for how you're doing it, I understand what you're saying. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying, "Well, I'm taking over a ton of cities early, and so, after some time passes, their morale has increased and they produce a lot." Okay, and that make sense, but I don't really know what that means in terms of real numbers. Like how many cities and how early? Are you taking over 20 new cities in the first two days? Five in the first two days? What pace of conquest are we talking about that's giving you these results
      well actually early on took more than wanted but like 1 - 3 local AI cities than Brzil attacked and took him ASAP (he had 10) i had 6... so end of first "battle" i guess I had almost 20 by like day 4 - 5; then steady 3 - 6 per day

      so day 1 : 6
      Day 5 : maybe 20
      Day 15 : 35 - 40
      Day 20: 45 - 50
      day 25: now picking up steam at can take 10 cities in day if need be. at this point clobbered Africa but got stuck on morale as too fast...
      day 30 : took like 10 days to get all my troops out of Africa but had like 2/3 continent maybe 75 - 90 cities
      say 35 : have cleared out all areas with are so when move troops from Africa to Mideast and also SE Asia its just cleanup cities... 120 cites plus

      either way not making up my screen shots.. if annexed or bought they would show up sorted by $$. but the earlier you take cities the more the produce later in game.

      Sole purpose of level 3 - 4 bunkers was just to keep morale up which increases production
    • even the math of level 1 -- it takes about 10 days to break even on accumulative resources to pay for that build. but as said building to build advanced weapons not the resources.

      so if do 4 of them (actually each level greater resource to build and less return) but lets just say equal 40 days to get that return. but then you have to subtract the opportunity cost of those resources (what could I have built or researched with those resources) .. most likely 1 unit per build. so sacrificed 24 units to get the same resources i conquered because i had more units to conquer to get those resources..

      yes its like investing in properties vs saving cash in game of monopoly. if we play long enough that investment will pay off but if game ends before that breaking point those resources where wasted. so I wasnt sure where that breaking point was so this discussion indicates that breaking point is not before day 35 - 40. heck if we played a 60 - 80 day game may be a different story