Can devs change Port cities on Rivers?

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    • Can devs change Port cities on Rivers?

      Currently, any city which you can use to cross a river like Montreal on regular WW3 maps usually will have ports. However, these ports are nearly always useless as the which opens to the ocean will be blocked by another city, like quebec does to Montreal. It really limits your ability to build ships on countries like canada, or in countries like Poland or germany you cannot send ships to support cities downriver.
      This might be intentional, but I think the devs should change it so that the cities are more like drawbridges that allow ships through, instead of land bridges that block them completely. This would completely change the game for the better, making large lakes like Lake Victoria, Great Lakes or the Caspian sea viable battlegrounds and making rivers like the Mississippi, nile, and yangtze key points of defense and attack, instead of mostly useless barriers that just make travel on land harder.
    • well making travel difficult is the point of rivers and mtn ranges. it creates defensive choke points. having cities like that actually make it easier to defend territory as they arent crossing.

      however the could take a prov upstream at attack you via the river. so the port is there really for attacker to have a port of entry not intended as a sea port.
    • yeah, but have u ever seen anyone send troops to attack a city upstream? It happens, but it's very rare and only really happens with cities that are open to the sea,
      and my suggestion wasn't to make rivers be crossable everywhere to nullify the city bridge, it was to be able to send ships through cities, which would open up new strategies for lakes which are pretty much obstacles at this point-and not even effective obstacles. i'd say most large bodies of water which are landlocked aren't really thought of as major problems when planning an attack;you just go around. I understand the point of mountains and rivers being natural defenses, but in all honesty they don't have a big effect on battles.
    • agree in general but early on it does.. as If I have the river setup like i just played argentina and yeah at point taking 1 - 2 auto nations a pain in ass. but after i controlled it would determine where enemy the forces woud need to attack from do it determines most likely future battles. and can plan accordingly.

      I get your p[point about rivers being a pain sometimes but just need to look to positives you can take of advantage of over the negatives