Annoying Fog of War on bottom of map

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    • Annoying Fog of War on bottom of map

      So I recently started a game as Argentina, and during my invasion of Patagonia, I found how incredibly annoying this weird feature is. For some reason, on the bottom of the map, you can barely see as it fades out to black on the bottom of the map. My first question:Why???? this makes absolutely zero sense, and does nothing but hinder my ability to see down there. If I turn off Fog of war, I can see down there but I didn't know that until recently and it made my invasion of patagonia an absolute nightmare trying to click on all the islands; and this isn't the only country that suffers from this. New zealand had the same exact problem with the darkness. Please change this.
    • First I moved this post to the Questions and Answers topic, please try to make use of the organized forums especially if you need help.

      Secondly, you can disable the fog of war feature exactly as you have figured out, so that should take care of that giving players who do or do not want fog of war the option.

      I personally enjoy fog of war, because it helps you to actualize your field of vision. When you have actual units or radar moving around in fog of war, it illuminates what you can actually see, and in my opinion gives a very critical insight into battle and how to position units for maximum visibility.

      Fog of war is also a real element of war and adds realism to the game; literally your ability to see, though it was more pertinent in older wars like WW2.