Playing UK for First time

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    • PerigeeNil wrote:

      I'm currently playing a game as UK too, so I was excited to see this discussion taking place until I clicked on it and saw that you're playing FP. I'm playing WWIII, so we have completely different sets of circumstances, I'm afraid.
      Perhaps not completely; similar to a transformational projection, relative patterns of optimal action are actually quite similar when accurately superimposed, with proper adjustments, on the corresponding chronological spans, resulting in a striking resemblance.

      I’d recommend getting into the standard European coalition and then taking on Scandinavia while furnishing the group’s naval power and a portion of their Air Force, operating to significantly expand strategic freedom of action with the flexibility of being untethered by land border commitments, and then establishing a picket against the Americas.
    • Fast Fwd Day 16: Pretty much running the map . Wiped Out France / Italy Alliance in quick order.... Germany bailed and wanted to join my coalition (after original memeber bailed) which accpeted as troops were spread out going into Spain and Italy so didnt want a nother front. Turns out bad mistake.. guy is clueless.

      Should have stuck with plan to go solo but some people joined game late to play together but then bailed ;(

      About to kick Germany just because hes stupid. Has played 91 games and still didnt realize hey if I leave a city it goes to insurgents... then I have to kill more of my troops to retake. Dont feel like dragging him to his first win

      second rookie mistake : 5 min after joing he starts wanting to take areas right next to me. so nicely say .. hey rule #1 dont take coalition partner territory..... 5 min later hes going to a whole nother area were I am heading. WTF go fight on your own. Then when I am in Romania and Sweden and Norway he runs into trouble against Baltic States ("I might need help") sure ill just drop my 3 wars and come save you....smh

      Then hes been in the make a buch of single troops each night send on this inefficient criss cross runs ... has a UAV an only scouts destination city and not path to get sthere. then gets jumped. Done trying to help him. Think might kick now as bored and need to have a little fun ;) I have like 800 VP and 79 cities; have only lost like 2 units (laziness and didnt scout). 84 units. Fully research on my normal barebones stack (NG; Inf; Frig; Strike; 4 or 5 air supp ) getting Cruise missiles just because today (that research tree to get CM is long and costly).

      Still only 5 Home cities with ind 1 --- producing about 40k resources as of day 15.