Resource Production - Adv lvl inf versus other Base Building

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    • Resource Production - Adv lvl inf versus other Base Building

      Ok place this under .. you learn something new everyday or really just finally paid attention.

      Not expecting anyone to agree with anything just my experience of how I end up with top economies without advanced lvel Industry (till now never really took the time to break it down.)

      But I see people building adv lvl Arms ind and I personally never build above lvl 1 and that really just to build stuff not for resource. However just realized building Air bases (more beneficial for troop movements than just build aircraft) and Navy Bases; you get a 10 pct resource production .. next level 15 pct.

      So in a prior thread someone asks me how I could possibly have as high of resources as someone with similar cities and lvl 3 - 4 Ind Arms. So now knowing this this further backs up my belief that will most likely never build above level 1 Arms Ind. Building up higher level bases earlier gives similar Resource boosts yet enables me to build higher level weapons sooner whenever I get researched unlocked.

      Bunkers: Besides protection and shielding of buildings and population. You get Morale bonuses. Higher morale more resources produced.

      Hospitals: Used to get Morale but now still get 20 pct population growth (and typically I have 1 home city airbase jacked on Hospital lvel 3 or 4 to recharge planes and less extent ground units if really banged up. But The more people in city .. more vps... higher Resource Production.

      Rec Centers beyond building NG just speed up Build. Think used to increase morale but no more.

      And at beginning like most I build single purpose cities (example -- have 2 or 3 inf cities ; 1 or 2 Air Cities; 2 Navy Cities; etc) but as game progresses I cross build up cities for flexibility; especially airbases as expedites troop movement. And a side benefit is getting "hidden" resource production.

      So Long story short building up well rounded cities can produce the same resources and sometimes more than just building level 5 Ind ( as too me early on its a next dead cost until you can recoup the costs in 10 days). Id rather have the resources early I saved that may get back in 10 days; to build functional buildings as described above and/or Mobilize troops to help conquer other cities which the earlier in game you grab them they slowly start producing more each day as their Morale and Population grow.
    • having a +50% on ressourceincome in your homeland where the baseproduction is at 100% is quite impactful^^
      and arms industries is one of the more cheaper buildings for ressourceproduction especially when compared to stuff like airports/harbors

      having it on lvl 5 on rare/elec is pretty much a musthave

      i dont see any point in not upgrading them; especially since at the end of the day you usually have some ressources left over which tend to be not enough for some new units but just enough to put into arms industries
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    • sure but can acheive that 50 pct in ways described above. city with (10 pct lvl1 arms ind; 10 pct Navy 2; 10 pct airbase 1) well thats 30 pct and i can build planes and ships now .. so thats 2 day worth builds basically vs 4.5 day worth builds getting to level 5 ind( can only build 1 thing per city at a time). More than 1 way to skin a cat.

      and i have 2 research going at a time and enough electronics .. so nothing is a must have. 6 level five industries is 30 days work of builds basically and resources paid upfront (which actually slows down ability to research early). getting an early jump on opponents both in research and # of units instead of 30 builds is huge (at least for me) .. ive basically build or mobilized 30 other things well... 24 minus my 6 level 1 arms (which are cheap / fast) but opportunity costs go up each level.

      Just different strategy .. im just using that saved opportunity costs early to research and build to conquer; which feeds resources. If I conquer a occuppied city producing rare its giving me as much or more than 10 pct boost in rare by lvel 2 industry plus grows each day.
    • idk but does any one build cities that are not single purposed unless gold? only exception is If I'm not into navy and want to go for ballistic subs might use a city that is already producing something else as I don't produce them quite often and the 15 % increase in production should be in worthy city.

      I build army bases in cities I'm not interested on its production e.g. supplies and fuel If I have 3 fuel cities specifically russia