Perigee Nil Intro

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    • Perigee Nil Intro

      Hello, Everyone!

      I'm Nil, one of the EN Junior Chat/Forum moderators.

      Most of you who frequent the boards have seen me around here quite a bit already. Obviously, my username here on the Forums is Perigee Nil, but my in-game name is Aaron DeBee, and my Discord name is Spectralcow.

      I'm an old man, and a long-time gamer, going back to the days before Ultima Online and Everquest. I like strategy and competition, so I'm a big fan of RTS-style games.

      I'm a former national/defense intelligence analyst/advisor and currently a professional copywriter. I have children, but they're young adults now, so they no longer live with me.

      My favorite types of game discussions are those related to strategy, to unit matchups, and to overcoming the challenges of disadvantaged game circumstances.

      I'm always happy to see comfortable, civil game conversation, and I recognize that we have to maintain a comfortable environment in which everyone can enjoy themselves. Please help me create and maintain that type of chat atmosphere.


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