Early Access & Desktop Updates (200521)

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    • Early Access & Desktop Updates (200521)

      + + + + UPDATE + + + +
      Dear Players!

      I hope you’ve been tapping away every chance you get on the Early Access application! We have been assessing and using all the feedback that so many of you are sharing with us, accompanied by the performance stats we get simply from you playing Early access!

      Today's update aims (in part) to quell issues which cause crashes or issues in your mobile strategies. One such change is that of memory management optimizations which have made their way into the Mobile client, making the game much less taxing on your phone respective to memory bandwidth. Thanks to this you should see much less crashes when trying to load larger maps such as World War 3. Naturally there are a host of fixes, changes and improvements which are hosted with this patch, so be sure to read the full change log under the Early access sub-header.

      During these turbulent times players are reporting significant others' going behind their back and deleting their CoN account. So we figured now is a better time than ever to cancel the process of account deletion.
      This is the first of many updates coming to both platforms. Keep the feedback coming!

      + + DESKTOP CHANGES + +
      Changes & Fixes:
      • Added unique badge icons for Season 2 and 3
      • Fixed issue where cancellation of deleting account did not work
      • Fixed missing scrollbar in research panel
      • Added randomness to Tundra textures
      • Added header to Messages header for Diplomacy section
      • Added new Background Images for Loading screen
      • Performance optimizations made which will make the game less taxing on Memory bandwidth
      • Fixed bug where multiple Navy Bases were allowed to be constructed/queued all at once (this would cause harbor placement to break)
      • Fixed incorrect max player graphic which appeared for some maps
      • Fixed issue where long City names were breaking the styling of City list
      • Fixed issue where the aircraft range was being drawn around the target/destination
      • Fixed incorrect order with recently played games list
      • Fixed issue where resource icons appear under fog of war
      • Fixed missing game thumbnails for specific maps on games list
      • Fixed incorrect orientation of the graphic used for nations at war
      • Fixed situation where Radar animation does not execute
      • Fixed issue where province selection is troublesome due to units situated in vicinity
      • Fixed graphical bug where resource bar shifts position when resources are spent
      • Fixed situation where provinces would show up on City list
      • Fixed issue where transfer of coalition leadership is blocked by popup
      • Fixed missing color for ‘Lost HQ’ notification in Events log
      • Fixed error when players tried to change username in Account Settings
      • Fixed issue where game would crash on map load
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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    • Alright I'm back after some checking.

      Fps noticeably higher then first version. But still not high enough to smooth anything. (beside in menu)
      There is a delay when dragging the map around. (presume to be cause by low fps)

      The game main menu load very fast. :thumbsup: and no longer get any crash (yet)

      but my typing board doesn't re-position the chat so I can't see what I'm type when typing.
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