Battle of Doctrines: Act 1 "Sofia" Game ended, Eastern victory

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    • Battle of Doctrines: Act 1 "Sofia" Game ended, Eastern victory

      Most experts thought is going to be Mariupol or Kinmen, but again it was the divide between Serbia and Bulgaria that split the world…/entanglingalliances.html. By bribing the corrupt elites of Bulgaria, USA has built a massive military infrastructure south of the Balkan Mountains and started to threaten the Turkish sultan Erdogan at Istanbul Objective of Washington is to completely shut off Russia from the Mediterranean Sea by controlling the Bosporus. The Turks as always wanted to see the cash first, before doing any favor. USA ordered again the bureaucrats in Brussels to pay the bill, but Bruxelles rejected this time, because of Paris and Berlin. It was now the time to evict the Americans from the EU country of Bulgaria. Bruxelles anticipated after 13 years of EU membership, Bulgarian elites would follow their orders. But no, the corruption was too deep, and the money and property were already in California. Bulgaria was expelled from EU and the revolts started. Nobody asked the ordinary people and as always in times of darkest crises the WHITE TZAR in Moskva was their last hope. Eastern forces started moving to Serbia to liberate(?!?) their Bulgarian brothers south of the Danube. EU refused to give up their land corridor between Romania and Greece and their safe continental border at the Black Sea, USA was also not going to leave their bases for sure and Russia was not going to give up their spiritual older ailing sister Bolgaria the creator of Cyrillic alphabet and the holy Slavonic bible . This meant: WAR !

      Game on 32map, Teams are as follows: late development and tendency DAY 24 .Victory by coalition of 3 \1950 points Eastern . Game ended .
      1.Eastern doctrine 9 countries= Russia :sleeping: , China :thumbup: , Ukraine :sleeping: , India :thumbup: , Vietnam :sleeping: , Iran :thumbup: , Ethiopia :sleeping: , Algeria :/ , DR Congo :saint: .

      2.Western doctrine 10 countries=USA :saint: ,Australia :saint: ,Turkey :saint: ,Japan :saint: ,Argentina :/ ,Colombia :saint: ,Peru :/ ,Pakistan :saint: ,Saudi Arabia :saint: ,Egypt :saint: .

      3.European doctrine 13 countries=Brasil :saint: ,Canada :/ ,Germany :saint: ,Poland :saint: ,Indonesia :saint: ,UK :saint: ,Mexico :saint: ,France :saint: ,Italy :saint: ,South Africa :saint: ,Sweden :saint: ,Spain :saint: ,Greece :saint: .

      Victory conditions . Achieving one of the three victory conditions, gives your team the win.
      1.Destroy some opponents and get automatically GAME defo victory by coalition> single player(1500vp) two(1800vp) or three(1995vp)
      2.Controll by doctrine Sofia for 33 day changes . 32 players +1 final day =33days . Capture the Hill mode .
      3.Eliminate the other two doctrines and get 100% map doctrine control . 0 points provinces left to other doctrines.Armies and AI provinces not relevant for victory .

      Game Status and controll Sofia days count . Game started . 32\32 players .
      1.Team N1 ,Eastern doctrine . Countries taken 9/9 . Sofia 11/33
      2.Team N2 Western doctrine . Countries taken 10/10. . Sofia 1/33
      3.Team N3 European doctrine. Countries taken. 13/13 . Sofia 8\33

      Game rules
      - The game starts, as soon it is full, so please stay updated daily to not miss it.

      - Please play honorable and do not use Gold.

      - Cooperate with your team, do not fight your own doctrine.

      - Achieving one of the three victory conditions, gives your team the win.

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    • Game is unpredictable with advantage to the europeans 40% chance of victory , 30% for western and 30% for eastern if i am going to bet .
      NO GOLD,no other rules ,just stay in coalitions with your own doctrine, survive and conquest . So far all goes very well ,all participants taking their right coalitions based on doctrine .Thank you guys for respecting the rules .Very impressive so far ! :thumbsup:

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    • QUOTE ,,GameID: 3230636password: .............Please note that I will take note of this game. Stay safe,Jacques | YakConflict of Nations | Community ManagerDorado Games on over to our forum/discord to join other players :),,

      Game is aproved by the mighty Yak ! We will not fail you mister .

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    • A doctrine takes AI Bulgaria /Sofia .And at 00 00 hour at day change if lets say western doctrine controlls Sofia they get 1 point .If they keep Sofia for a week is 7 days ,7 points . But if they lose the city they remain with theese 7 days til they get it back and start to add new days in the count . You do not lose your days if you lose the city . You get 33 days/points and your doctrine is the winner . We going to have other games with other cities like Manila,Baghdad and Panama city roleplay 33 days victory conditions in order games not to be static and to keep it unpredictable .But first game is Sofia .
      Game technically can not be longer than 98 days once AI Sofia fells .
      As westerners and easterners agreed on victory conditions ,europeans will create 3 Doctrines War-Sofia edition ,chanel at Discord in order to reduce the controll of only one party(me) .

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    • Kalrakh wrote:

      Telerik wrote:

      As westerners and easterners agreed on victory conditions ,europeans will create 3 Doctrines War-Sofia edition ,chanel at Discord in order to reduce the controll of only one party(me) .
      What do Europeans have to do in Discord?
      I have talked to one european guy ,he was willing to create some 3 Doctrine war chanel in Discord . Kalrakh you can do it yourself if you like .
    • 28.05.Athens . Correspondence between Kiev and Moscow intercepted ,, After we take control of Bo..r.. we put a golden cross pay..spasibo you pogodi...zaec...pizdec..tvoi soft govno

      29.05.Strasburg,Eurocorps .Declaration to respect the historical rights and pan European heritage of Constantinople on behalf of our very and mo$t deare$t member $tate Greece .Activating multinational force in accordance with article 42.3 of the Treaty on European Union . Sirtaki,ouzo and suflaki at Omonia square ! Poli oreo tragudi ela malaka ,dostu ,dostu opsa palikaria ,mazi ,tora , opaaa kurici mu ! Teluu na su poooooooo ....Europi euxaristooo ....poli s,agapoo...dulevo den teloo...lefta den eho !

      30.05. Ottawa. After translating several times the intercepted messages from multiply european languages canadians start to fear that they will lose their gold mines in Gulbaria aka Bulgaria where they pay only 1% fee to the aboriginal administration . Canada joins the europeans .Trudeau joins Merkel and Macron and refuse to meet Trump at G7,officially of Covid19 quarantine reasons(links below).

      31.05.Washington . Trump looking for new allies and swear US to stop North stream same way South Stream was. Germany and Russia includet into new sanctions list . In further frustration POTUS treaten to ban Antifa and designate them as terrorist organisation .

      01.06 . Ankara . ,,Marhaba guys you said new cash transfer comming today in order we to feed and keep the 4 million refugees we have on the Bulgarian\Greek border in Thrace and many other places ? We were talking 10 000 000 000$ or was it 10 000 000 000€ ? Human Bomb is ticking and we swear to Allah we have only peacefull islamists as refugees because Islam means peace. But is bomb human as we already mentioned and better pay your Jizya because we love you(r) all ,money .Peace at home,peace in the world and cash is the akbar vezir. ,,

      02.06.Stockholm . Bulgarian president,general Radev apply for asylum The former commander of BAF was lobbying for Jas Gripen NG to replace Mig29 ,but the pro american goverment decided to pick F16 . Meanwhile Norvegian VG newspaper print news that Jens Stoltenber ,the current NАТО general secretar recieved the high possition thanks to signing (while he was prime minister of Norway) the 8 billion usd deal for F35 and cancelling the Jas Gripen deal.Swedes are frustrated for the betrayal of their brodrer i nordern .Sweden again refuse to join NATO and instead strenghten its PESCO force . Strangely the only other european nation besides Norway not in PESCO is Danmark previous Nato SG was former Danish PM Rasmussen). In protests to swedish accusations Norway and Danmark impose blokade on Sweden , official reason again Covid19 .…-invite-report/a-53625373…attendance-list-in-future

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