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      + + + + UPDATE + + + +
      Dear Players,

      Today's release brings you a refreshed Overkill map teeming with brand new infusions and changes, including in the debut of Victory Sites in Overkill. Naturally, we have a wealth of changes and fixes making their way into the Mobile client ranging from major fixes, to optimizations and even quality of life changes.

      + + DESKTOP CHANGES + +
      After monitoring the feedback and performance of 128 player matches over the last few months we have concluded that an adjustment to the maximum player count will benefit our effort to provide a refined, cohesive, and challenging experience. As a result, we have consolidated a number of nations, and in some cases adjusted the starting city count to balance things out. Overkill now also has victory sites, a feature that had previously been limited to Rising Tides and Blood & Oil.
      The issue with regular insurgents popping up where they shouldn’t has finally been resolved. Zombies will roam the fields in peace once again.

      Overkill Map Changes:
      • New Nations:
        • Caribbean Coalition (combination of Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Jamaica)
        • PARLCAEN (combination of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama)
        • Korea (combination of North and South Korea)
        • Benelux (combination of Belgium and Netherlands)
        • Transcaucasia (combination of Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia)
        • Baltic States (combination of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania)
        • Balkan States (combination of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Albania)
      • Added Victory Sites
        • Victory sites have been added to cater to the adjustments made for the nations & player count, providing more resources
      • Optimizations made with the Mobile client in mind
      • Fixed issue where insurgents would present themselves in maps where they shouldn’t


      • Added Special Events graphic for game listings in the game tabs
      • Updated diplomacy panel page of Mobile to be more consistent inline with the Desktop version of the game. This includes:
        • Number of cities (whereas number of provinces was being displayed)
        • Display of 0VP Nations
        • Nation list ordering
      • Changed text in the Intel panel to make a clear distinction between a province and city
      • Included Max HP stat in the Army Bar
      • Updated Graphics:
        • Mountain textures
        • Logistic Network
        • Snow texture
      • Moved Add target action to the army command dial instead of primary dial
      • Fixed issue where war declaration popup appears when a new waypoint is added inside neutral territory
      • Fixed issue where command dial buttons would break when moving the map while issuing a command to any aircraft or ranged unit
      • Fixed wrong message when mobilization limit is reached
      • Fixed issue where attacking planes do not have have the estimated time and date of arrival listed
      • Fixed multi-city construction panel to fit inline with designs
      • Fixed issue where Research panel collapses when trying to open research details
      • Fixed incorrect popup when players apply for coalitions which host warring member nations
      • Fixed undesired sorting order in Units Mobilization panel
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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