Report a user that illegally hack gold - server ID 3220995

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  • Firstly, I have edited out the name of the player and their nation from your post. We do not want people directly reporting the names of players onto this forum, and this has to mainly do with EU privacy laws.

    Secondly, I moved this post to the forums section for Bug Reports & issues, a more appropriate place for a report.

    So I understand that spamming gold might be frustrating, but you need to first understand that it is not possible for a player to cheat using gold. The method to purchase gold is encrypted, and it is not probable that somebody hacked into the game's secure servers to illegally acquire gold, there is a stronger probability of somebody stealing a payment method and using that to buy gold than hacking into the game to acquire gold.

    On that concept, using gold in abundance is not considering cheating. You have to understand that this game uses a free to play model; that means this game is funded and kept running by in game purchases. At this time there are no restrictions on the amount of in game purchases a player can make, and purchasing gold is encouraged because it is absolutely necessary to pay for the game developers costs.

    My suggestion is to reevaluate your attitude about gold; recognize it is necessary to keep this game alive, or simply partake in another CoN game as there are plenty of game modes online.

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