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      I hope you've cleared your isolated schedule for the weekend. The freshly released reworked Overkill map is making it's way into this weeks map rotation, grab a friend or two and join the chaos which will ensue! If the standard 24 hour time is not to your liking, this map is also available as a 4x variant - taking Overkill over the top.

      Make sure to visit our dedicated wiki section outlining the Strategic sites and all the info you need for global domination!

      In case you've been living under a bomb shelter, we have consolidated a number of nations, and in some cases adjusted the starting city count to balance things out. Overkill now also has victory sites, a feature that had previously been limited to Rising Tides and Blood & Oil.
      • 100 Players
      • Coalition size of 3
      • Strategic sites
      • Reworked nation list with brand new nations making their debut
      • Overkill uses WW3 foundation amplified tenfold for a cathartic modern war experience
      Middle East Crisis and Apocalypse will also be joining the map rotation.
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations