Idea for new game mode

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  • Idea for new game mode

    I understand that there is a very big issue going on with the usage of gold, but there is a pretty simple solution to it as far as I can tell.

    Why not just have an entire ranked game mode where nobody can spend it? The mode would allow sales and such to go through but you could not use it during the length of the game, removing a massive advantage that some players have over others. I've encountered a few users that easily turned games around with their wallet over their brains, but what really astounds me is a developer of around two decades talking about how gold usage is such a good thing. Allowing competitors to fight with their own skill is what you should be proud of. What about using gold to purchase cosmetic upgrades or potentially security council or gold only users? Right now it isn't who the best player is, it is who has the best bank account.

    Not sure if this will be taken down or not, but if it is it'll be pretty sad. I've spent thousands the last few years on games (subscriptions, cosmetics, etc) and needed gold the other day to fight a gold user who was upgrading constantly, but this doesn't determine the better player. So whether you want the discussion or not, its going to happen more frequently and I hope you guys do the right thing because this is a pretty awesome game outside that one issue.
  • Sorry but we are not discussing our business model in the forums, and your idea is exactly doing that. What you call "that one issue" is our income and livelihood and will not be changed.
    If you want to play gold free join an Alliance and play ELITE matches. They are guaranteed without payment.

    There are several posts of mine where I elaborate on why payment is necessary and actually also ensures that the game is fresh and always has new players. Something all players benefit from.

    I will not CLOSE this thread for terms of service reasons.
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