Announcement Mobile Early Access - Air Assault Update (200603)

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    • Mobile Early Access - Air Assault Update (200603)

      + + + + EARLY ACCESS MOBILE UPDATE + + + +
      Dear players,

      In this release we are happy to highlight the inclusion of the Air Assault feature into the Early Access client of the game! Turn your boots on the ground into an air mobile capable unit - on the go and ready to fly at the tap of a finger. Those of you who are tap-happy will be reassured to know that we also added a confirmation dialogue when cancelling research or production - to avoid any mishaps of war.

      Behind the scenes the team are making preparations with the final release in mind - iOS also considered no less. That's right, we didn't forget about you iOS users. We have a desktop update slated for release soon too, for those of you who are using workstations to command the field - keep your eyes peeled for that.

      Changes & Fixes:
      • Added cancel confirmation for research and production panels
      • Toned down size of Conventional Missiles
      • Fixed issue where contamination icon overlaps the smoke graphic in a city
      • Air Assault: Units capable of this combat ability are able to make use of it through the dedicated icons and functionality which have been implemented into the Early Access client.
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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