Announcement EARLY ACCESS - RETREAT UPDATE (200617)

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      + + + + MOBILE UPDATE + + + +
      Dear Players,

      When we kicked off the Early Access program we mentioned some features which are planned to be infused at later dates, the retreat command being one of them! Today’s release brings said retreat command into the application, giving you all the more reason to check the micro of your units while on the road!

      That’s not all - a wealth of changes have made their way into Early access. Server side optimizations to map geometry will give you better overall performance especially where map navigation is involved. User interface and experience were refined and in some cases redesigned entirely to cater to the compactness of mobile ratios and navigation.

      In other news, if you are an Apple user you shouldn’t feel left out, as we recently opened our iOS Early Access registration form to players who want to opt in for email notification once the client becomes available to them.

      • Retreat Feature
        The Retreat command has made it’s way into the Early Access application of the game! A self explanatory button. Should your units find themselves in a losing battle, this command will order them to swiftly retreat through a neighboring friendly province (hopefully accompanied with backup)

      • Geometry optimization has been included on server-side processing
      • Coalition Widget has been reworked to for adaption with the mobile platform in mind, also introducing the History tab
      • Overhauled resource bar, including the resources gathered on an hourly basis, drop-down button for warheads, and overall redesigned UI and UX elements
      • Victory bar relocated to the top of the screen
      • Fixed issue when multiple Constructions and Mobilizations would cause panel to appear unresponsive
      • Fixed issue where Rank in User profile was not loading
      • Fixed issue when graphics are turned low causing black map
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