New Game Mode

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    • New Game Mode

      ok so i have been on vaca for a while have not played any games lately so idk if im gonna be getting back into the action anytime soon but i do spend a lot of time in the forum and came up with this new game mode i know its not gonna happen i just wanted to have some fun in the forum and come up with some cool idea like i said chances are it wont happen

      Description DRAMATIC!
      In the year 2350 humans are still on earth but a new virus has been discoverd turning all animals into... HYBRID! ...and whats this ALIENS! yes thats right the hybrid and aliens have invaded earth and want to take over but they are not the only ones who want earth. So do all the nations they have all become greedy and hungary for territory and are about to break loose. Of course in the year 2350 there are gonna be way more deadly weps meaning all humanity will have a chance against the aliens. Or will they use these weps against eachother. The choice is yours. Will you fight against all humanity, hybrid and aliens. Or will you team up and fight against the aliens.

      Game Winning Conditions
      1. game goes to day 100
      2. either conquer the world and get 1000
      3. or fend off the hybrid and aliens and get 200 gold

      Troop Details
      All troops should have tiny boosts to all their stats but mainly future look.
      Thats the main part.

      Hybrid Description
      They will do the same thing as zombies but will have 4 different animals instead

      Wolves. Do main dmg to infantry
      Panther. Are stealth and do main dmg to infantry

      Rhino. The tanks of the hybrid do good dmg to armord and infantry

      Dragon. they are the virus creators and rule the hybrid very deadly to all units and can easily take out a unprepared nation single handed some even think that they are a myth still but they wont anymore :evil:

      Alien Description
      I got this one from a thread alien game mode so uh shout out to that guy and uh yeah they will pop up all over the map but i have navel units just incase

      Have 1 unit for every category (including missiles)
      and more dynamic look than nations infantry

      Navel Unit. If you have ever saw the movie battleship there are these alien vessels and are very powerful so something like that but improved

      So uh i worked on this for about an hour finding cool things for this game mode which i said chances are wont happen i got cool things from shows games and even other threads so uh i can list them at the end if you guys wanna see them but uh for now lemme just do things taken out of context

      Me. makes cool thread about awsome game mode.
      CoN. :thumbdown:
      Me. did you even consider it?
      Me for the next 5 years. ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(
      CoN. CRYBABY! :evil: :evil: :evil:
      Me. ;( ;( ;(
      Me 3 years later. Becomes actual rock dog :thumbup:
      CoN. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      this was meant to be harsh on me only so sorry if anyone else takes offence and CoN i know you guys are cool it just a joke

      any way where i got everything from these things

      a season thing one of my favorites till it became i cliff hanger NOT COOL!
      2. Battle Ship
      movie where i got the alien navy
      3. aliens came from a fun alien thread again shout out to that guy

      that list was shorter than i thought it would be so.... i guess i wanna see your guys thoughts idc if you think this will happen or not but do you like the idea and do you see where im going i know its crazy and stuff but thats the idea

      And uh can i get an F in chat for my last game i did about 3 weeks ago when i got crushed by ALL FIGHTERS! X/
    • Like what is your suggestion for what the map would look like, whether special troops are there, etc. etc.
      But this is a general discussion thread so... some suggestions-
      1. the map could look like... rising tides x100
      2. special troops: none, except for a much more powerful SAM to help for dragons
      3. Map starts with one SAM and one mobile artillery for each country