Point Defense Possible Bug?

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    • Point Defense Possible Bug?

      In a current game I am playing as Canada. I am the only nation on that map with nuclear warheads. I noticed on CoN news that Iran was undergoing the research of nukes. I decided it was in my best interests to destroy Iran's homeland infrastructure so that he would not have the economy, or buildings required to mobilize any nuclear warheads. I sent 2 Stealth Bombers into Iranian soil to drop Cruise Missiles over their cities.

      My Stealth Bombers can fly right overhead of a city and drop Cruise Missiles (14 HP) that land in under 15 seconds.

      The first Nuclear Cruise Missile I sent to Iran's Capital was intercepted. (However there was only infantry inside that city)

      The next 3 Cruise Missiles were successful (Again only infantry within that city)

      I then headed towards another city and along the way I noticed his support units between his 2 cities (Either TDS or a lot of SAMS Covering his Capital and 1 other city)

      I tried to hit the other city as it had 0 units within it. Intercepted.

      I tried it again. Intercepted.


      My conclusion is that there is a very small chance these Missiles are being intercepted by the TDS "Umbrella" as it has a 10 minute recharge timer and these missiles take 15 seconds to land + I cannot even "swarm" the TDS timer with missiles

      So my final conclusion is that somehow their TDS is allowing point defense on ALL areas within it's range.

      Is this normal, a bug, or am I doing something wrong?


      Thank you
    • 737373elj wrote:

      A bit confused by what you are saying, but yes, when the TDS, SAM, MAAV, any AA in general, activate, they it everything in range.
      Basically when AA activate they hit everything within the range.
      My bad. What I mean is Iran's TDS was not within any actual city, it was just in a province in between 2 citites.

      I fired 1 missile and it was intercepted so I fired another 30 seconds later.

      There should have been no way for the TDS to fire at the second missile because it still has 9mins 30sec remaining on it's cooldown.

      So the only way it can fire again is using it's own Point Defense.. However I was not targeting the TDS - I was targeting a city that was several provinces away form the TDS.

      So my question is: How did the TDS point defense activate if it was miles away from the city I targeted?
    • 737373elj wrote:

      There could be another TDS within range and that activated?
      Only one TDS activates at a time I think.
      That's what I thought but because the missiles land in 15 seconds the chances of them being in air when a TDS timer activates is 1/40

      It's as if their TDS umbrella cool-down is 0.01 seconds

      It's happened several times now. Even Iran was confused.

      I think it's either a bug or there was an update to the game we didn't read?

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    • 737373elj wrote:

      There could be another TDS within range and that activated?
      Only one TDS activates at a time I think.
      I think it might have something to do with me dropping the missiles from directly above cities. Maybe it's all so crammed together it is cause some kind of bug with nearby enemy unit timers? Kind of like how hit and run works because there are so many commands crammed within a few seconds.

      I'll keep this thread open for a bit and hope someone has the answer. If not I'll close the thread and submit a bug report.
      Thanks for the help