NEW SUGGESTIONS: To make this game usable in league matches and world championship tournament.

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    • NEW SUGGESTIONS: To make this game usable in league matches and world championship tournament.

      Hi Sir/Madam,

      First of all I would like to know the procedure to work for this game. I can contribute in coding or artwork and any other way possible. (Please send me a message if my support required) :D

      But Let me get back to topic, I would like to put forward my suggesion for game improvement for good and fare gaming and also to make this game famous:

      1. Please allow more attack power for planes and helicopters:
      >>reason - In real life 1 copter can kill like 4 to 5 tanks and 1 plane can kill like 1000s of troops.

      2. Please make more 240x or 480x game servers (1h = 6days or 12days):
      >>reason - This game is very addictive and the thing I know about games is, addictive long play games cannot be used for league matches or in tournaments. And its not honorable to kill a sleeping player.

      3. If a player quits kill his troops and make the country as rebel:
      >>reason - Many players quit in 1st day and if all knows this data we can finish the game fast and start a new game.

      4. port defence building:
      >>reason - we are upgrading the ports in city to get improved ships. But in real life ports are well guarded even if no ships to defend. In france during world war 2 ships where bombed by planes and artillary from ports (Port units - HP = building HP and ATK power = enough to kill few ships till the building is destroyed)

      5. towers and walls:
      >>reason: its a concept from age of empires where we build wall randomly to reduce speed of advancing army when our army needs more time to assemble.

      6. custom matches and servers started by players (140x or 480x games):
      >>reason: can be used for local league matches/regional competitive matches like in dota2/pubg where game will end in say 1h or 2h maximum.

      7. New unit like avengers movie Air Carrier like navy carrier which can fly.
      >>reason: carrier and ships overpower ports. Air carrier can act as counter for navy blockade when a player is trapped in land and has lost his full navy and ports.

      8. Engineer unit who can build walls, bridges, drop mines, build outpost/gun turrets.
      >>reason: engineers are important in an army. they technically repair machines and build bridges and help in defusing bombs.

      9. Remove Time and make the game more like age of empires where units move faster and game ends in 2hours.
      >>reason: good for attracting more players and popularity. Increase server traffic.

      10. Make missiles into auto producing resource. (Similar to Hearts of Iron 2 game)
      >>reason: missiles are not units they are equipment attached to units. once secret lab is ready missiles should be made like basic resources as long as secret lab is not damaged. when lab is level 2 we can choose normal missile or chemical missile and when secret lab is level 4 we can choose any of the 3 types of missiles

      Hi Everyone,

      Please update more fascinating and interesting ideas to make this game popular.
    • Thanks for the ideas - this said may of these we've discussed in different threads before so I will not comment on them further and leave this to the community.

      In regards to your question of working for Dorado: We are a company located in Malta / EU, part of Stillfront Group AB (Sweden).
      Presently we are looking for frontend and backend developers so feel free to visit the website and apply should you feel the calling.

      Kind regards.

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