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      + + + + SEASON 3 - END + + + +
      Season 3 has officially come to a close!

      Over the course of this season, many recruits joined the ranks in the penultimate goal to rise to the top of the leaderbaord. With the conclusion of Season 3 we can see some very interesting results and familiar faces to boot!
      BRAD76LEY has usurped the first place position, which was once held by K_SVA - a consistent 1st place player who was placed at the runner up position this time. Coming in third place last season, BRAD76LEY, clearly had his eyes on first place - a burning ambition to claim the throne. It seems K_SVA has a new rival for Season 4.

      BADDABING1, a relatively new name on the leaderboard came in 1,040th place last season. Incredibly, for Season 3 he snatched the 3rd place showing a no nonsense attitude to contenders interested in reaching the top 3.
      This is not to say that BADDABING1 is a new-comer, as he has an incredibly long standing history within the CoNmunity, and the experience to prove it.

      The scene is set for Season 4, it's up to you now to cement your place in CoN history.

      Congratulations to the top 3 victors, who won 3 months worth of Security Council.
      1. BRAD76LEY
      2. K_SVA
      3. BADDABING1

      Season 4 will make it's way into CoN very, very soon! In the meantime if you did not yet purchase Security Council, you are still in time as there is a 24 hour grace-period which allows you to unlock the Seasonal Unit if you have enough points.
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      Conflict Of Nations

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