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      + + + MOBILE + + +
      A healthy dose of updates are approaching a mobile device near you!

      The community has been a pillar in the way we are shaping the Mobile client - and I hope that this feature update makes it clear that we are listening!

      The next time you open the game on your handheld device, you will instantly notice a snappier experience when navigating through menus. This is thanks to the optimization efforts made for the homepage - giving your device more room to breathe.

      CoN veterans made it clear that the jump from desktop to mobile does not carry over User Interface navigation and patters enforced in the player during their time on desktop. With this in mind players will be happy to see that we have taken the feedback to heart and acted on it. Load up a map and you will find some very welcome changes made to the Army bar, which has been relocated to a much more familiar area, the bottom section of the screen.

      Neighboring the new army bar you will find an overhauled Command bar, doing away with the dial previously used.

      All in all we aim to bridge the gap in user experience and expectations when coming from desktop to mobile, to give you a familiar environment and seamless transition, and we firmly believe this update delivers in that regard.

      • News articles optimization
      • Relocated Army Bar to the bottom of the screen
      • Replaced Command dial with a more familiar setup of icons, actions and commands
      • Implemented Air Assault Range graphic
      • Added edit tab to coalition panel
      • Fixed issue where gold speedup button was missing in command dial
      • Fixed issue where game would be listed twice on landing page
      • Fixed issue when editing a coalition and not selecting an image
      • Fixed issue where resource bar overlaps message panel
      • Fixed low resolution image for Air base level 3
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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