Battle of Doctrines: Act 2 "Beirut" game3309478 password is mobilewar

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    • Battle of Doctrines: Act 2 "Beirut" game3309478 password is mobilewar

      Act 1 ,,Sofia,, was like WW1 ,now we have ,,Beirut,, like WW2 much larger and deadlier . From 32 to 64 involved countries .The 32 old countris drag 32 more for the ultimate war .

      Beirut ,the Paris of the Middle East and the entire Orient .Wealth ,parfumes and strong beliefs . Right now 3 camps are forming and aim for dominance .

      Team1-The Shia . Supported by the Eastern Doctrine Alliance. +Russia , +China, +Ukraine, +India, +Vietnam,+ Iran,+Ethiopia,-Algeria(eu) , +DR Congo +Afghanistan,+Angola,-Bolivia(we),+Chad,-Romania(eu),+Mozambique,+Myanmar,+Kazahstan,+Libya,+Serbia,-Cuba(we),+North Korea ,-Venezuela(eu),-Belarus(eu),+Mongolia ,+Syria total of 25\22

      Team2-The Maronite .Suported by the European Doctrine Alliance . +Brasil ,+Canada ,+Germany ,-Poland(we) ,+Indonesia ,+UK ,+Mexico ,+France ,+Italy ,+South Africa ,+Sweden ,+Spain ,+Greece ,+Cameroon,+Namibia,+Austria,+Chile,+Mali,-New Zealand(ea) total of 19\21

      Team3-The Sunni. Supported by the Western Doctrine Alliance . +USA ,+Australia ,+Turkey ,+Japan ,+Argentina ,+Colombia ,+Peru ,+Pakistan ,+Saudi Arabia ,+Egypt +Philipines,-Finland(eu),+Israel,+Nigeria,+Iraq,-Marocco(ea),+Kenya,-Norway(eu),+Thailand,-South Korea(ea) total of 20\21

      Victory conditions . Day 28.

      1.Coalition victory by game points .
      2.Hold Beirut for 33 days .

      Game starts when full ,no gold use allowed !No other limitations .Password is mobilewar just join you will automaticaly enter the doctrine if AI overtook some inactive players .

      Join your country doctrine Team only!

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    • Romania defected from East to Euro. Last remains of soviet influence erased .
      Finland defected from West to Euro .Risking confrontation with Russia , Finland left the USA orbit and joined Sweden in the european camp .
      Poland defected from Euro to West . President Duda asking Germany for WW2 reparations . Having morning prayer with Trump .

      Diplomacy is more important than military it seems .

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    • Belarus defected from East to West. Leaving Ukraine and Serbia the spearhead of easter alliances in Europe...I already look forward to the battle of kiev!
      Morroco defected from West to East, giving poor Algeria a break...

      PLease guy before you join the game: Read the rules!
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.

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    • Actual teams and development Day 28 . Control Beirut days.

      14\33 days. Team1-The Shia . Supported by the Eastern Doctrine Alliance. Russia :thumbup: , China :thumbup: , Ukraine :thumbup: , India :thumbup: , Vietnam :thumbup: , Iran :/ ,Ethiopia :thumbdown: , DR Congo :thumbdown: Afghanistan :thumbup: , Angola :thumbdown: , Chad :thumbdown: , Mozambique :/ , Myanmar :thumbup: , Kazahstan :thumbup: , Libya :thumbdown: , Serbia :/ , North Korea :thumbup: , Mongolia :thumbup: , Syria :saint: , South Korea :thumbdown: , New Zealand :saint: , Morocco :saint: total of 22

      0\33 days . Team2-The Maronite . Suported by the European Doctrine Alliance . Brasil :saint: ,Canada :saint: ,Germany :thumbup: ,indonesia :thumbup: ,UK :thumbup: ,Mexico :saint: ,France :thumbup: ,Italy :thumbup: ,South Africa :saint: ,Sweden :saint: ,Spain :thumbup: ,Greece :saint: , Namibia :saint: , Austria :saint: ,Chile :saint: , Mali :/ ,,Algeria :saint: , Romania :saint: , Venezuela :saint: , Belarus :saint: , Finland :saint: , Norway :thumbdown: total of 22

      13\33 days . Team3-The Sunni . Supported by the Western Doctrine Alliance . USA :thumbup: ,Australia :thumbup: ,Turkey :saint: ,Japan :saint: ,Argentina :thumbup: ,Colombia :thumbup: ,Peru :/ ,Pakistan :saint: ,Saudi Arabia :saint: ,Egypt :saint: , Philipines :saint: , Israel :saint: , Nigeria :saint: , Iraq :saint: , Kenya :saint: , Thailand :saint: , Bolivia :thumbup: , Cuba :thumbup: , Poland :saint: ,Cameroon :saint: total of 20

      :thumbup: Grow
      :/ Unsure
      :thumbdown: Decline
      :saint: Dead Angel

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    • All 7 Eastern countries in Africa were eliminated,but Eastern countries from Eurasia are advancing slowly into Iraq .
      West conquested the Americas and dominate the oceans.
      Euro doctrine is dominant in Western Europe and north west Africa .
      Stay tune as some countries may be available to be repopulated next 2 days .

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    • Day 14. East is advancing and unless West +Euro unite , game will be won by the East . Egypt,Israel,Saudi,Iraq,Turkey western block is been wrecket by eastern tanks .
      Meanwhile East keeps advancing in Scandinavia and in central Europe too in simmilar manner to the Soviet Red Army in large front from Baltic to Adriatic sea .
      Unless some force from Americas or Oceania enter the conflict we will have Eurasia+Africa aka the Old World under eastern controll in two week .
      Russian East tanks entered Beirut on day 14 ,taking it from Israel West . Saudi may try to retake Beirut but war is more or less decided .
      Time to congratulate the EAST ?
    • Game 3 should start no late than 1 september ,starting filling the possitions mid august . Enter carefully 3 doctrine teams\coalitions base on military doctrines only .

      Game admin will be Kurtvonstein(hopefully) . He may choose the ,,Holy City,, . Kurtvonstein has been very active and deserve the honour .

      Discord page as usual is under Kalrakh(hopefully) . Exilent service so far 10\10 !

      I will retourn for game 4 (hopefully) . So if someone hates me you will get the chance hihi .

      All this games could not be possible without Yak !

      Teams\3 coalitions are not fully based on existing alliances but band of friends mixed with single players .So far i did not discriminate so all teams had players on different level skills and activity ,and this component gave us unpredictability .

      Game 2 is heading toward Eastern victory next week ,unless ........

      No bad feelings , just a game !