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    • Arms Industries..

      The wiki says that they add 10%, but it doesn't say whether that is 10% of a homeland city or 10% of current output..

      In other words if I have an occupied city which is currently producing 250 supplies, would an arms industry add 25 or 100 extra supplies?

      If, as I suspect it is 25, then are there any circumstances where people build them in occupied cities?

      Indeed is it worth building anything in occupied cities?
    • Target morale is the maximum level plus building-bonuses towards which a positive morale trend will move. This is done daily, so it moves up or down slowly.
      Additionally, the city morale is of course influences by your overall behavior, eg. use of WMDs or other means of committing atrocities, number of wars, plus the usual: morale in surrounding provinces etc.
      So there is no cookie cutter, easy value. It's highly dynamic and has a delay via the day counter.

      Annexation in our design is meant to not be applied all over - it's an option that should occur only in specific cities. Sometimes it even pays off early - depending what type of player you are.
      Calculation wise it is meant to supply you with 50% higher income (depending on morale etc) of ONE specific resource - because often enough players have an abundance of quite a few but are lacking one or two.
      To allow long term economical planning in this direction we balanced annexation - to pay off / ammortize in about 10-15 days for said specific resource.
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    • Germanico wrote:

      To allow long term economical planning in this direction we balanced annexation - to pay off / ammortize in about 10-15 days for said specific resource.

      Not seeing how by my calcs. Maybe with a few extra upgrades to the annexed city, and if you don't go to war with anyone.

      And that is assuming that all mats are equal, which they clearly are not. A rares or electronics city might pay it's way within that sort of timescale if you weight for value but a supply city would be longer than I stated above I think, even should the annexation occur once morale is already stable.

      Clearly I'm missing a mechanic of some form... Interesting.
    • So are there any morale building bonusses outside of bunkers?

      Also whilst morale is capped at 100 does a potential morale of higher affect tax rate and productive capacity? Say for instance I built lv 5 bunkers in the capital which already has 100 morale due to the +25 + 5 bonusses... Would production and tax rate increase if the potential morale was 150?
    • Don't bother with annexation until mid game. It's a feature mostly made to help economies transition into the war-economies of late game.

      If you play properly you won't probably annex anything, but if you are lucky to encounter a good competition, you will find yourself playing the "long war" and considering the benefits of Annexation : it's true that they need a significant time to begin to produce more resources than if you had spared the cost to begin with

      Edit : no. morale above 100 doesn't change anything
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