Did I miss a Insurgency Buff?

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    • Did I miss a Insurgency Buff?

      I was playing a Flashpoint game, and I decided to take on the #2 guy. (I was #1, but not by much) He (Algeria) stupidly had left his homeland completely undefended while he had taken Spain, France and most of Germany. So I take his capital, causing discontent in all his cities. I come back the next day and a lot of them had fallen to insurgencies, but that was hardly surprising.

      Since I already had a nice lead, I didn't come back for over a day, and when I did, the insurgents had taken almost half his territory!

      I've never seen them that aggressive before outside a zombie game.

      So, did they recently buff the insurgents behaviour?
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    • It's older than the latest patch, but yes, the insurgents have been infused with some of the zombies "ultra agressive" behaviour
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    • Without HQ, it's worse nightmares ever.

      when i play first time WWZ map, enemy captured my capital, i cannot hold my captured city a least 2 days, it's take more days hold it, them one day it blow up of horde invasion and still my homeland cities no has liberated, and my enemy nation has captured by horde, them i realized HQ is important building, Capital it's always protect from enemies.

      HQ it's all players major weak spot.

      Dealer of Death@ Good jobs!
      You hit player weak spot.
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