Why would I want to play on Steam or Chrome instead of Firefox?

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    • Why would I want to play on Steam or Chrome instead of Firefox?

      So, this is the first game I have played since GTA 4. I am playing it in order to kill time while I get quartasseled by the threat of Covid.

      Why would I want to use Steam or Chrome instead of Firefox?

      Will Chromium on Ubuntu work as well as Crome on MS?
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    • Dont worry about it. I will say linking your account to Steam allows you to purchase their packs which are the best gold and highcommand discount you can get. If you are getting gold just get it there youll get High command for free with it basically and some extra gold versus Chrome or Firefox.

      Chrome is better for running games like these that are memory intensive i guess, but i believe over the years Firefox and even edge are closing that gap.
    • Firefox also works well. We use both it and chrome here at Dorado. Additionally the new MS browser edge also uses chromium and runs smoothly. It really is up to you...

      this said, sometimes one or the other browser is released faulty - so it’s good to be able to switch in case of need.
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    • I use Linux (Mint) and there is almost no difference between Chrome and Firefox.
      But I can tell you that if you are using Android on your phone you can use Firefox to load "desktop version" (with checked option). Although there is an app it is not finished yet and sometimes (rarely) you need desktop version for some specific action (eg. to delay or rush, to check actual hp on unit stack or to setup patrol circle). But on Chrome for Android it will crash.