Early Access Optimizations Update (200723)

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    • Early Access Optimizations Update (200723)

      + + + + UPDATE + + + +
      Dear Players,

      This week’s update hosts some of the biggest optimization changes to date! An on-the-fly geometry simplification system has been added to our repertoire of tools in the successful fight against sluggish performance. This will enable your handheld device to adjust the map geometry in a dynamic manner to provide you with the best performance to visual fidelity ratio! Naturally, this will benefit players with handhelds of all shapes and sizes.

      When reading on in the changelog below you will see mention of asset optimizations. This comes in thanks to the asset manager the developer team injected into the heart and soul of our mobile client. This will allow for better handling of assets in the pipeline, which will see to the benefit of less memory consumption and processing required on your device. Read on to see all the latest changes;

      • Implemented a developer tool which lays the foundation for optimizations in asset handling and memory, a tangible result in the domain of graphical fidelity and level of detail
      • Implemented on the fly geometry simplifications to the map data. This allows the game to make adjustments while you play the game to cater to the device being used. This functionality aims to simplify the map geometry with as minimal loss to graphical quality as possible
      • Adjusted on-map country name sizes to better fit smaller dimensions of screen sizes compared to desktop counterpart
      • Sea shader updated to make shallow waters have a lighter shade of color for easier visual distinction
      • Fixed protocol error when players start construction
      • Fixed misplaced army timers
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

    • The fps is smoother then last version but the fps drop noticeable when zoom out.
      also please reduce the cloud. I can't see anything when zoom out.
      sadly I kind of like the 3D mountain and town. trade off for performance I think.
      there is weird grid on the map everywhere. hard to spot but it there. could be only on my phone

      - Asus max pro
      This post was made by Leader of the Church of ROAD