How to Prevent Local Insurgency (Tips)

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    • How to Prevent Local Insurgency (Tips)

      Hello everyone! Now we know the Local Insurgency is pretty annoying especially when you are in the middle of a war. Here are some tips to show you how to prevent those radical fighters from attacking you. Low-Morale of a province/city will cause Insurgency chances from attacking you, its a good thing to keep all your provinces/cities on High morale.

      Number 1, Keep Units In a Low-Morale Province/City: In a war, if you conquer a province/city, the province/city well decrease morale. The lower the morale, the higher the chance a Local Insurgency with attack you. To prevent attacks, after conquering the province/city, order a unit to stay there and increase morale. Once the morale goes up, your unit can leave.

      Number 2, Build a Hospital/Bunker to increase Morale. If you a conquered province/city, and it has low-morale, and there are no units around the area, you can always use this tip. Building a Bunker/Hospital increases morale of the province/city. Remember that it takes a lot of time to build a building. The best option is sending a unit to the low-morale province/city. But if there is no choice, building a Hospital or Bunker can increase morale.

      Number 3, Avoid war: Entering a war causes Insurgency chance, if possible try to avoid war, yes it is normal to have war but keep in mind that it will cause high chance of Insurgency spawning.

      Hey, if you learned something new today, stayed tuned for more tips! :thumbup:
    • Hello guys! Sorry about the mistake, yes Teburu, only bunkers increase morale. Hospitals only heal units. I am so sorry guys, I didn't mean to say that, I thought that Hospitals increase morale. I apologize ;(

      The post was edited 1 time, last by MemeNoob342: Hello guys! Sorry about the mistake, yes Teburu, Bunkers are the only buildings that increase morale, sorry everyone! Hospitals only heal units. Sorry for the mistake everyone! ().

    • how to deal with insurgents: put inf into the cities and wait a couple of days
      its really that simple

      ofc not having extreme morale penalties helps

      and yeah bunkers are the only buildings that increase morale nowadays, tho its kinda a waste building them just for that
      they barely raise target morale and it doesnt effect the speed at which morale increases by that much to be considered impactful
      I'd only build them in homeland to counteract some severe moralepenalties maybe ... or keep certain buildings safe
      Help what do i put here
    • New

      hmm if we are going on this. Ill have some things to add.

      On the Avoiding war topic it is best to avoid Multiple wars at the same time. It will cause morale to increase slower for each war. I think there is a max to that ( 5?)

      I dont have a stat paper to go on those alliances will have the better or perfect answer to this. Typically i go as follows for morale and response.

      1 unit is 1 mobilized infantry. typical garrison.

      1 war 2 units for day 1, then only one unit for day 2 (or empty its only a 10% chance for rebels so decent gamble, but still 0 with the garrison)
      2 wars, 2 units 2 days. Move out.
      3 wars. 2 units 2 days. 1 unit 1 day. Typically your Ground units are upgraded at this stage so mobile infantry will need only 1 on a city but can fight off insurgents.

      for 4-5 wars. If its early game, well you have a lot more problems don't bother keeping a reserve on cities and more on ending the wars. its better to fight one giant Insurgent than 4-5 players. Adopt Total War Policy.

      However most wars are not as bad as you think. Its more often than not a lingering island that you don't have the units to conquer. It is worth it to invest in Marines, or Airborne to take that territory or ask an ally with them to end the war as soon as you can. It will increase morale everyone. And in turn you'll get less insurgents.

      titankiller11 wrote:

      or or you could do this

      let them take the city right
      let them have a party for capturing it
      and right in the middle of the party

      DROP A NUKE HAHA!drop da bomb.jpg
      Dropping chemical weapons, or nukes damages your morale. Also killing the population in the city damages your morale. Youll basically cause insurgents in any newly conquered city or one with low morale :P
      "Your Nuke has activated my Trap Card, Global Anarchy.! All your cities face open rebellion and your resource production is reduced by 10% for the next 2 turns! And thats not all, for every additional nuke you drop the effect is multiplied!" (i don't know the total affect it does damage morale though)