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    • EARLY ACCESS UPDATE (200731)

      + + + + EARLY ACCESS UPDATE + + + +

      Dear Players,

      This week, the Army bar and Province bar are recipients to an overhaul designed from the ground up with core and new user experience in mind. The new design also caters to smaller devices and keeps interface principles in mind for maximum efficiency in planning and action.

      This release fits in nicely with our upgrades in the past weeks done with the goal of bringing the same CoN experience from desktop to mobile, providing players with a seamless transition from one platform to the other. With the optimizations made in recent updates, now may be the best time to give it a download than ever!

      • Redesigned Army bar and Province bar for ease of use with modern user interface principles in mind
      • We’ve added a dedicated skip button for new players who are familiar with the mechanics and features being showcased
      • Recolored hyperlinks in community news section
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

    • well the gold activities for provinces(moral increase etc.) are pretty much "in the way" when you scroll over the map...accidently hitting them...

      also they Air assault button. on my small display I can hardly click on a point of the map because of all the buttons...

      you might want to reduce the lower information screen when the attack/air assualt/move option is selected...
      Alle sagten: Das geht nicht. Dann kam einer, der wusste das nicht und hat es einfach gemacht.

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