Food for thought

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    • Food for thought

      So a while ago i posted a suggestion on the forums that would help the noobs. Then got bunch of comments stating and debating whether we should leave them be.
      I started thinking wait would anyone of these people be the noob that is affected by this? If they still play the game they are the ones that wouldnt mind it.

      The exact story, that represents my thoughts on this, i cannot remember but the just of which is as follows.

      In war world 2 in order to increase the amount of bombers that come home and crew saved. Designers would put armor on the bullet ridden areas to better protect it.
      That is until someone pointed out that they should not be looking at those areas but at the opposite. And on a chart that showed where returned bombers were damaged the most. He pointed at the Spots with no Bullets and stated that this is what we need to armor. Though all stats would show that the other areas were damaged more it is because those were the only stats they could retrieve. All the others were shot down.

      There are names for this and such but in the context of my above on my suggestion for noobs. Only people that commented here are the ones that learned on their own and lived through the tutorial and gameplay elements and such. How would you get suggestions from those who didn't stay and quit the game. :/
    • New

      Well it can mean many things, its a statistics thing really.

      All of here, have flown through the hellfire of the first few games, and each found our own answers to get a just of it. We head to the forums to patch our holes and we use that knowledge to strengthen us in other games.

      But not all get through that. They might not understand resources and then find themselves building army bases everywhere, or factories and airfields. Not understand attacking and send wave after wave to their death. Naval, and air and get ambushed by corvettes or a fighter while shipping somewhere else. We who lived through it call it experience and discovered on our own. But others quit. They are the ones who don't return.

      They are the blank slate and simply put we see them all the time appear in game and then vanish. they are the noobs. What did they need, what was there suggestion, we dont know they quit or never came back to give their opinion.

      I post a suggestion, joke about them and what not, but the answer is usually the same learn on your own as we did. We already got armor where we need it (Big Brained :D) and so we end up just patching (suggesting) for our own weaknesses when we don't fix the ones that keep shooting down the noobs.

      You can debate on what they need. Some people say Tutorial. I say more visual handholding (ui), fixes to stop them from their stupidity, noob buff, and what not.

      Another thing would be just because you dont see something here, or in discord, or the manual. Does not mean its not a problem. In fact it might mean its a big problem.

      i dont know its food for thought, the point is whatever the hell you want it to be.