Dorado/Devs, kindly explain these if you have a minute.

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    • Dorado/Devs, kindly explain these if you have a minute.

      OK, this first one is no big deal, but I was wondering how 3 ships get the icon of infantry and support:
      Then in this other one, 3 level 6 frigates, seem to be able to keep targeting my 2 Tier 2 Elite subs with no radar/sonar signature, even though they are clearly out of visual range, since the Elite sub visual range is 50, and the frigate's is only 40????:
      What Stealth.jpg
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    • New

      I can only answer the second.
      If the unit that shooting you doesn't get any new order.
      The tracking line will follow your unit that have been targeted
      But when the Attacking cool down is out and if your unit isn't in the weapon range anymore.
      it will do nothing and the tracking line will gone.

      If your unit still in the weapon range even you are undetected it do damage you.
      (wish I hope they fixed this. (you can find my similar proposal on the air unit) )