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  • Dr. Leipreachán's Office

    Hiho folks,

    As many of you may already know I am the current EN (English) Team Lead for the Conflict of Nations EN team. I have held this role for many moons I have been on the volunteer support team since the time of Thirty Kingdoms (which is now at peace R.I.P) and have been on the CoN support team since the game launched many years ago now :P (I am feeling older every line I write )

    Today I would like to invite you to my Office where you can grab me at any time for any issues you have, any questions, etc.

    Where is my Office, it is at the end of the Discord rainbow by joining this server you should then be able to send me direct PMs on Discord with any issues you are having.

    (OFC: as I am but a chán I may be late in reply but will always reply to any issue)

    All the best
    Dr. Leipreachán

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