Announcement SEASON 5 IS LIVE

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      + + + + SEASON 5 + + + +

      Season 5 will run until 02 February 2021

      Season 5 introduces the Elite Bomber, a variant of the classic heavy bomber which has been retrofitted with air-launched ballistic missile capabilities! Starting at T2, the Elite Bomber also gains a low radar signature to further help it avoid detection by anti-air systems.
      • Tier 1 characteristics
        • Boosted Hitpoint & Attack stats
        • Cruise and Ballistic Missile launch capabilities
      • Tier 2 characteristics
        • Low radar signature
        • Reduced reload times
      • Tier 3 characteristic
        • Increased missile capacity
      Security Council members need 2,000 Points in this season to unlock the new Elite Bomber

      Elite Submarines make a comeback - for a limited time!
      The AIP Submarine is making a return! Those of you who haven’t had a chance to permanently unlock this shallow waters hunter before can now have another shot at it during Season 5.
      Security Council members need 1,000 Points in this Season to unlock the Submarine

      In case this is your first Season, here’s a rundown how Seasons work:
      • Earn Season Points by killing units in any of your games - they all count!
      • Try out the unique Seasonal Units, available to everyone! (NOTE: Only available for new games starting now)
      • Season 5 and 3 Units can be researched from a new tab in the Research Panel. Any Elite units you have already unlocked from previous seasons are fully able to be mobilized in any game of your choice!
      • In order to permanently unlock the Seasonal Unit and use it after the Season ends you must earn at least 1,000 Season Points for the Helicopter, 2,000 Seasonal Points for the Season 5 Unit, and have a valid Security Council Pass.
      You will find all the details here.
      + + + GAME UPDATE + + +
      • Heavy Bomber
        • Reduced building requirement Airbase from lvl 4 to 3
      • Ballistic Missile
        • Missile is now bunker-busting and ignores affected units' entrenchment values
      • Ballistic Missile Launcher
        • Adjusted reload times to 16/14/12 hours
        • Reduced building requirement Secret Weapons Lab from lvl 4 to 3
      • Ballistic Missile Submarine
        • Reduced tier 2 reload time from 16 to 14 hours
        • Increased ballistic missile capacity from 1/1/1/1/1/2/2 to 2/2/2/3/3/4/5
      • Fixed issue where map paths and server paths would differ causing stuck units
      • Fixed issue where units are unable to retreat unless they reached the province center-point or when in enemy city
      • Fixed issue where harbor location selector was not working
      • Fixed missing resource production value in City/Province tooltip
      • Added the Fire control feature to the mobile client version of the game
      • Unified descriptions for Warheads to be consistent in mobile and browser versions of the game
      • Removed redundant Game Master notification from News articles
      Dorado Games
      Conflict Of Nations

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    • 1.png

      Lv1. High signature, 2000 range, speed 11, HP 25 (15 grounded), sight 25m, missle: CM 3 (11hr reload) BM 2 (12hr reload)
      unit limit 3, research day 4


      Lv2. Low signature, 3500 range, speed 11, HP 30 (15 grounded), sight 25m, missle: CM 3 (8hr reload) BM 2 (10hr reload)
      unit limit 6, research day 16


      Lv28. Low signature, 5000 range, speed 11, HP 35 (15 grounded), sight 25m, missle: CM 5 (8hr reload) BM 3 (10hr reload)
      unit limit 10, research day 28

      the stats is pretty insane but at least no stelth.
      to sum up, upgraded bomber with BM
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    • It’s a bit sad that they had to use the OG sprites but oh well. I liked the new designs of other Seasonal units.
      I will definitely be using missiles a lot more, as generally warheads aren’t a problem when I produce missiles (because I generally do it late-game when I have a ton of resources already). The Elite Bomber looks the same as the normal bomber stat-wise, so will likely use the normal bomber early on due to no need for Secret Weapons Lab.
      The reduction from lv. 4 airbase to lv. 3 could make the bomber more spammable...
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